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  1. You probably know that in the popular TV series “Sherlock” the great detective was shown as an antisocial person who breaks ethical foundations, but at the same time has a brilliant mind. To some extent, Diogenes in our time would be similar to this image. He would be an unpretentious person, would never complain about his financial situation, maybe even live on the street. I'd be a wise bum. After all, if you remember, Diogenes was a supporter of asceticism, it is even believed that he broke his own cup when he saw a boy drinking water from a handful.

    He would say clever things, but no one would listen to him. He would be considered crazy because of his behavior. Diogenes was brazen and didn't even bother masturbating in front of everyone. I would scold religious leaders, laugh at superstitious people, and have no interest in politics

    As for the search for the man with the lantern, I don't think he would have even tried to find it. He would sit in his box, tell the passerby that there are no people in the current world-only scoundrels with cattle and drink beer.

    Although my vision may be wrong.

  2. I was a homeless person with all the consequences…

    Modern “civilization” is so flawed that truly free people are unformatted-freaks of various kinds.

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