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  1. I will never forgive you for betraying me. Yes, after a while I will be able to communicate, but no more. If you are betrayed, then they will always betray the same essence of traitors.

  2. I could forgive anything, if by forgiveness you mean I wouldn't hold a grudge against him.

    Even if this person did something completely unacceptable, I would still work out any emotional residue from their behavior and free my perception, thinking, and reaction from this residue.

    On the other hand, if by forgiveness you mean that I would have continued communicating with that person as if nothing had happened, that's a completely different story.

    There may be completely harmless things there. For example, if a person shows passive aggression towards me, I will either stop communicating with them or greatly “slow down” – I will see much less of them, and reduce communication to a minimum. If he shows passive aggression towards his loved ones, I will also try to contact him as little as possible. However, I will not accuse him of anything.

    If you mean “stop communicating with a person once and for all”, then this is a more difficult question, because I did not have to make such decisions. Probably causing serious harm to the health of loved ones.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  3. who exactly do you mean? Spouses should not forgive infidelity! It is also impossible to forgive if the spouse has committed a criminal offense… also, don't forgive animal cruelty…. well this is all a rough list

  4. I was betrayed by my own brother.We are twins who used my passport and took out a large loan.There was a trial and I had witnesses that I was in a serious condition in the hospital during the loan processing days.The court summoned him as a defendant.He denied everything.Three years of wasted nerves But it all ended and allegedly my signature was declared invalid and I returned to the country of permanent ( since 1991) and he remained in his homeland and is now homeless, if alive.I'm doing fine.I didn't lift a finger to punish him.He punished himself, or rather, he was punished by his own brothers.deprived of everything that he had by taking the path of banditry.

  5. Betrayal. If a person leads a double life, harbors something bad against me, envies me. I stopped communicating with some relatives because of this. Yes, it's hard, but I don't regret my decision. I will not forgive a loved one for treason either.

  6. You can't just forgive three things:
    When a person says and doesn't do
    Cheating if this person is a partner
    And, of course, you can not forgive when a person starts to neglect you.
    Here, in general, it is not necessary to invent a bicycle.

  7. ELEMENTARY !!! Why let a person get so close to you that you might regret it later?.. Take care of trust beforehand… And always be vigilant 🙂

  8. Oh, there are a lot of things I couldn't forgive. I'm so vindictive. I couldn't forgive myself for cheating on my wife. Murder, theft, sex in a day's time – to anyone, no matter who they are to me, that person would be dead to me. I also do not forgive hopeless stupidity.

  9. A loved one can be forgiven for everything that he did or did not do or committed the question can you continue to live with this person, for example, with minor quarrels and disagreements, you can continue to live and try different ways to resolve disagreements but when a person crossed the line with the name loyalty and lost 100% of trust, then life together is possible only from the calculated side of life, one living space, no earnings, no one to leave the child with, but it will be a sad life. People very rarely change, mostly only after global failures in life, accidents, illnesses, and the loss of loved ones. With other slouches, people do not want to change, they can talk a lot beautifully about what a person does a lot, changes, etc. but trust in this can no longer be restored and to live and know that this can happen again is masochism. It is necessary to go further, draw conclusions, find out where you missed when choosing a person, change values and build a new happy life with a person for whom loyalty is the main value, with all other issues you can always agree or make certain concessions.

  10. betrayals. This is not forgiven and should never be forgiven.

    And betrayal can be different, it's not just treason.this is a betrayal of your essence as a friend, a person. There is a betrayal of children that cannot be forgiven. Yes, there are a lot of things… in the form of betrayal.

    I wish you all the best. Sorry if I misunderstood the question.

  11. In fact, no one really knows what they are capable of in their ability to forgive. Some thought that they would not be able to forgive the betrayal. But when this happened, they were forgiven. According to the Holy Scriptures, God is ready to forgive all sins of a person if he is ready not to sin further. But he does not forgive one sin.

  12. I can forgive betrayal because of stupidity and emotions, but I do not forgive those who betrayed me because of the thirst for superiority or just the desire to torment me, to use me. I don't forgive a person's hypocritical beliefs when they like to manipulate their friends to their advantage and harm them, and I don't forgive their idealism when it is not compatible with mine, such people have no place in my life. Let them go to other people who share their beliefs and don't touch me. I don't like arguments when they turn into hostility and spoil relations among my relatives. Well, I do not forgive squabblers who like to divide my small circle of interests. Manipulators are also not needed. I do not forgive egoists who grossly violate personal boundaries. I had a lot of problematic friends, and antisocial friends, many had to be driven away, just a rich life experience for traitors.

  13. You will never know for sure WHAT you will be able to forgive your loved one, and what will break you and turn you away from the person, until you are faced with a specific situation (most likely you will be surprised, especially the perception changes over time). In the end, your feelings and decisions may completely contradict your once iron-clad life principles, so I don't recommend setting limits.

  14. Chocolates eaten at night, under the covers..Alone!! In the dark!! Without sharing!! Along with the candy wrappers!! I won't forgive him for getting ahead of me.

  15. I never forgive anything that is deliberately done against me… And I forgive any mistakes. Anyone can make a mistake.
    Besides, I don't like being ignored. If they love me, that's fine. Hate – but no problem! But when I'm treated like nothing , I leave right away.

  16. I will never forgive infidelity to a person with whom I am connected by marriage, a serious relationship. Either with me, or a breakup. I'm not going to keep anyone near me by force, and if I'm no longer satisfied with something , I have to say it right away, and then go to all 4 sides.

  17. All of us humans are far from perfect, so the first thing we should learn is to learn to forgive. Forgiveness from the heart breaks the enemy's machinations to the ground and brings us closer to love. It is more correct to say that it attracts to us an All-perfect and Boundless Love.

  18. If a close person means someone from the family (mother/father, brother/sister, son/daughter, etc.), then I would forgive everything. But her husband did not forgive the betrayal, indifference, selfishness, meanness.

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