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  1. And I dreamed of mother-of-pearl music, tobish, it was not a melody, but something between sound and living mother-of-pearl. And the coffee was loud in my sleep. That was also interesting. The very taste of coffee and the sound were the same and also seemed to be alive.

  2. Your brain is constantly working. During sleep, its activity is mainly subject to its internal regulation and relies much less on sensory inputs of the body than during the day. Therefore, at night, when you don't have to try to work or worse, think, the brain builds arbitrary pictures and episodes. More than one generation of magicians and fortune tellers has been raised on this cerebral artifact. And the song that sounds in your head in the morning is a product of the residual sleep activity of the brain.

  3. In my opinion, everything that spontaneously and obsessively turns in the brain is reminders, attention-grabbing, awareness-inducing-the language of hints and allegories that the brain signals to you. Melodies or songs are the same, nothing exceptional. Just ask yourself “what is it for” and, as a rule, you can easily follow the association that the song is pulling for. A clue can be found both in the words of the song and in the place-time where you “picked up”the song. Hits are generally such a universal “memory bundle” – they are emotional, clingy, and quite meaningless or ambiguous – that is, they easily absorb your events and experiences. The brain is happy to make local memes out of them to work with you on its hair dryer^^

  4. Basically, I'm a music maniac and a music lover. But this stuff is from childhood – there was no tape recorder and I played my own radio in my head, what I could remember and what I liked. Then, with the advent of records and records, the phenomenon subsided and this disease turned into just a music addiction. But much later I discovered exactly the effect from the question, not every day, but often enough. And I'm sorry, fans and proponents of the “scientific approach”, your explanations in this topic are dull and do not explain anything, although I myself love this”mundanity”. My explanation – or not quite my explanation-is as follows. At first, I just woke up with a certain song, it plays fine. But then the correlation became very noticeable-gradually it became clear that the song conveys the atmosphere or content of this day, which has not yet occurred, i.e. in advance. The interesting thing is that these songs are mostly in English, and I don't remember or know their lyrics – I don't know the language well enough to remember them right away – but I started reading their lyrics on the Internet later – and the correlation is surprisingly accurate.
    So the explanation itself is that many of the people have, as some of the alternately gifted call it, a ” higher self “that humans are not trained to perceive, since we are currently in a period of” scientific view ” of life. However, that larger consciousness has not gone anywhere and lives perfectly in its expanded perception, where our immediate future is simply their greater “now” than we have, where much has already happened, which is only waiting for us here in the morning. You can also say about the same thing that it is the language of angels or someone else “out there”, but I would just call it the “greater self”. And then someone has what it includes, someone has angelic aspects, and someone has demons who tear someone apart under the harsh “metal”. In general, songs in the morning in the head are what passes through the” veil ” of consciousness “from there”, when it is especially thin after sleep. And then – to whom the prelude is a warning, to whom the study, to whom the certificate, and to whom just a fly in the room buzzes. Well, yes, songs will be useful as a” communication language “when their” vocabulary ” is large. It's easier for a music lover ) in addition, there is a strong suspicion that sooo many songs are written to be part of this language )

  5. This is the suggestion of preachers through the Рекорд gg – plate “Record”. since childhood: “I don't want to think about death, believe me, at the age of 17 as a boy…”, and also: “But even death in fire will not frighten the smoke of a fighter. And what is p o l o w e n o to whom-let everyone �s o v e r s i t ! !!!”……..Much less often: “Sometimes everything in the world is good, what is the matter, you will not immediately understand…”, etc..

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