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  1. Depends on your preference. In the past, the Rainbow models were popular, but they worked intermittently and showed only a black-and-white picture. Now thin and long are more popular, I sincerely recommend TVs from Samsung and Philips.

  2. Who likes it and who is currently working with what. Often, when you need to overtake, for example, a solvent, you can take a shorter refrigerator, since the loss of substance in this case is not so important. and the device will most likely take up a lot of space due to the large amount of solvent for distillation.

    Another thing is if a long, complex (and in a good way any) synthesis is carried out, there is little substance and you want to minimize losses at any cost. Then, of course, it is best to use a thinner refrigerator (so that the substance does not spread over the refrigerator) and more authentic, condensing the substance to the maximum during distillation.

  3. Jokes are jokes, but they say that for vaginal sex, thick and short ones are more suitable, and for anal sex, respectively, thin and long ones. Although, of course, everything is individual. And in general, the main thing is the ability to use it.

  4. A long and thin hookah shaft cools the smoke better, but it is not very convenient to carry it, and the hookah itself is bulky. A short but thick one has better traction, but the smoke can be warm or even hot. But it is convenient to carry with you.

  5. “I don't know… What can I say? I just really like big dicks. And it's not the length that matters. Always give everyone the length. This is good of course. But I'm also talking about the thickness. I want him out of the handcuffs.”

    © Eni Bezzerides. “True Detective 2”

  6. Personally, I prefer long and thin ones. They smell really fresh and they are very nice crunchy. Some people do a little knitting. But the thick ones are more fleshy, and because of this, they don't crunch so pleasantly anymore. They have big bones that need to be chewed, and the taste is more overripe. In general, do not forget that it is better not to pick a cucumber from the garden, because only in this way can you feel the power of the earth through it.

  7. Better green, with pimples. This means that when growing it, less nitrates were consumed, and the taste will be more pleasant…I don't know about you, but I prefer it with sour cream. So somehow more natural than with sunflower oil. And if the chin is smeared, then it is more convenient to lick the drops. When cutting, do not cut off too much of the tip, and when cutting, do not be too petty, let the slices remain quite large…What are you talking about? I – about cucumber salad… And about what you might think, a friend of mine said very well… It should not be short, long, thick, thin or anything else… It should be fun...

  8. Actually, neither pink long thin Viennese, nor short thick white Bavarian sausages immediately completely get into your mouth. To enjoy the taste of neither this nor that immediately shove is not necessary. Don't rush the buzz anymore.

  9. Best of all, the one that will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. In this case, I consider the iPhone 4 to be the most preferable for myself: the screen is normal, it fits perfectly in thickness and length.

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