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  1. Nobody. It is impossible to prove the absence of anything, it is a violation of the laws of logic. Especially such an abstract and vague substance as God. That's why religions are so resilient.

  2. No one will ever be able to prove that there is no God, because it is incredibly stupid to reject the obvious.

    After all, the universe has a harmonious structure in micro and maxi dimensions. If there were even the slightest deviation in the laws, then the universe could not be represented in the present in all its beauty and perfection.

  3. Stephen Hawking said that before the “Big Bang” there was nothing, including time. God didn't have time to create the universe. On the one hand, it is quite logical, but on the other hand, agreement with this statement depends on your own vision of reality. Does your god need time or not? How do you see it?�

    IMHO: I consider the existence or absence of God unprovable, because every scientist who puts forward any theories relies on personal experience and a limited range of knowledge. But you can always believe.

  4. Paradoxically, it will sound – it is the followers of g-d themselves! For 30 years of communication with them, I was convinced of the complete failure of the theory of its existence. Moreover, declaring certain values and prescribing the rules of life in practice, they never adhere to them.

  5. And why and to whom it is necessary ??? Motivation for a particular action is always important … Usually, irresponsible, uneducated and very lazy people are engaged in proving that there is no God. Living with God is a big and very difficult task, although it is very interesting ….

  6. No one and nothing. There were scientists who tried to prove that it does not exist, but in principle it is impossible to give one hundred percent proof of its absence (as well as existence).

  7. The absence of an all-good god who supposedly created our world with sins and evil was proved as soon as the idea of monotheism appeared.

    Three thousand years ago, approximately, in Zoroastrianism, they already knew perfectly well that such a kind, all-good god is impossible.

    Well, the option “God still exists, but there are simply no sins” is logically consistent – but it is absolutely not necessary for Churches of all stripes )) For then you do not need to be saved and there is no original sin and you do not need to drag the loot to the priests ))

  8. If you please.
    Proof is based on the very definition of a scientific approach. In view of the fact that the hypothesis of the existence of God is not supported by relevant data based on objective measurements, observations and experiments, it can be considered untenable.

    Within the framework of the Christian tradition, and probably most other religions, the very statement of the question, and even the statement “God is”, is blasphemy.

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