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  1. The simple definition is that a genius creates something new. Something that wasn't there before. Sources of genius are developed talent, professionalism, and a different view of the world than most.

  2. What an interesting question… I used to think that genius was almost synonymous with physical deviation. Probably-this is not so. Paganini had a joint disorder and could play chords that no one else could. But rather-the genius is to look at the world from a special point of view and the ability to take into account more shades of this world. In all areas of activity.

  3. In my opinion, genius is not something objective – it is an assessment of an individual's activity by others.

    Someone worked-worked and it dawned on him with an idea – like Mendeleev.

    Someone just got an idea, maybe. I can't give you any examples.

    Nevertheless, all these people have made a contribution to culture or science , which is why they are called geniuses. Usually, genius is attributed post-factum to the presence of a significant contribution. Predicted genius seems to be small – usually people are recognized as geniuses after death, and rarely after a significant contribution during their lifetime.

    The consensus on genius is also important – that is, it is customary to call a genius a person who is recognized as such by at least a few significant people in their industry.

    From the latter, for me personally, a brilliant invention is a portable folding hook for women's handbags. I don't know its inventor.

  4. A genius is someone who gives off energy like an electric shock. Literally radiates, splashes. The best example, in my opinion, is Belinsky. Without it, there would be no great Russian literature recognized all over the world. Source? What other source can there be? God.

  5. A genius is a person who is just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. True, a genius can only become one who initially has some abilities for something. But these abilities can only be slightly above average and no more. There were no irreplaceable geniuses. Without Shakespeare, someone else would have taken his place.

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