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  1. The average Russian would have to be of the middle sex, so it basically does not exist ))

    Moreover, in the United States, they once announced a contest for the ideal girl, which was supposed to correspond to 30% of average girls in 9 indicators. As a result, there were simply no such options and we had to settle for 5 parameters.

    If we take even only height and weight, then the probability of the existence of a person, say, exactly 71.57305 kilograms and 169.3756 centimeters is obviously zero.

    Only average values can be compared. For example, the average income of a Russian citizen in 2014 was 3 times higher.

  2. Does not smile, littering on the street is easy as to take a breath, to respond to rudeness only with rudeness, otherwise not a man, to have an addiction to alcohol, thinks that on TV only the truth is told.

    This is the average Russian.

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