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  1. BEING able to lie in today's very much lying world is often necessary for basic survival and career development. A super-effective form of lying is flattery – a lot has been written about it and there is even a Fable by Krylov.

    LEGAL and obligatory benign lies / lies – do not cause harm to other people and bring only positive – personal or public. Examples are well-known.

    The main spheres of life are political, commercial, and military… – they are looking for talented Masters of Disinformation/Lies…this is a highly paid profession.

    PHILOSOPHERS from ancient times taught rich clients the science of effective Lies for the purpose of winning controversies and so on (sophistry).

    Children lie naively from an early age.

    In the animal world, it is impossible to survive without a legitimate trick.

  2. ADAPTABILITY is a necessary ability of any living organism! Because it is adaptability that allows the body to SURVIVE in an aggressive environment and continue its kind. In this case, the “aggressive environment” is the human community.

    In a human community where LYING is the norm, you need to be just like everyone else to survive. So you need to be able to lie! A person who does not know how to lie turns into a “white crow”, and they do not survive in nature. They are pecked at by their own brethren and they simply do not have time to continue their kind.

    Therefore, the INABILITY to lie is a wrong and disastrous strategy. And certainly NOT smart. The most correct and SMART strategy of behavior in human society is the ability to lie so that no one would guess that you are lying. So that it would be impossible to catch you lying. This is exactly what all SMART politicians, merchants, and ideologues do.

  3. Scientists have done a lot of research on what happens to the human brain and body in general when it lies. At this point, the stress hormone cortisol is released in the human body. This leads to a state of anxiety. Constant stress, as you know, leads to many unpleasant consequences, starting with depression and ending with high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases ,diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, etc. Since the “information” received by the brain is false during a lie ,the brain has to spend a large amount of resources to process and save it ,because the lie must be constantly “kept in mind” so that it does not come out ,and the brain reacts badly to false information ,refusing to accept it for reality. Because of this, its performance worsens. The worst stage of a pathological liar is when he himself begins to believe in his own lies. So the brain tries to defend itself ,being no longer able to hold and process all the accumulated volume of false information. Now think for yourself, can a person who methodically depresses himself ,destroys his own body,disrupts the normal functioning of his own brain, and as the highest degree of stupidity ,begins to believe in his own lies ,that is, to lie to himself, be considered intelligent ?

  4. The one who doesn't know how to lie is smarter-his brain is free from this dirty work. He is busy learning and mastering new knowledge, accumulating experience, or at least simply experiencing the fullness and joy of being. And the brain of a liar-only so as not to forget who, when and what exactly it lied to… In the future, the liar has neuropsychological diseases.

  5. Depends on some factors.
    In a society of truthful people, lying is stupid. But in a society of liars, on the contrary, telling the truth is ridiculous.
    Similarly, among greedy people, generosity is considered stupid, and among generous people, greed is considered stupid.
    In a cruel society, humanity is stupid, and in a humane society, cruelty.
    If a shark is pulled out on dry land, it looks stupid against the background of a person; and a person looks stupid in the sea against the background of a shark.
    So it does matter what kind of society you want to live in.
    There are some people who, even if they look stupid in the eyes of many, still prefer not to lie. In my opinion, this is worthy of respect. But not everyone will agree.

    So there will be no clear assessment of who is smarter. This rating depends on the person's upbringing.

  6. the one who knows how to lie and uses it well-it is better to call him not the one who is smarter, but the one who is more cunning. Wit and cunning are still slightly different things, although they are often associated with each other. And all because the question of values remains open. For example, the religious view calls lying madness, not wisdom. Or even so – the New Testament says that guile, cunning is the wisdom of this world, the wisdom of passing, which in fact is madness.

    19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the sight of God, as it is written, “He catches the wise in their wickedness”
    (1 Corinthians 3: 18-20).

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