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  1. As Alexander Moiseevich Pyatigorsky said, ” Nobody needs a fucking philosophy! And that's its value.” At the same time, Pyatigorsky himself is a fairly well-known philosopher and, as you may have already understood, is not without a sense of humor. But to think of philosophy as an entity would be wrong. It is more appropriate to talk about philosophizing as such. And this is nothing more than free thinking. And free to such an extent that sometimes for philosophizing you need to literally become an idiot. And ask absolutely stupid questions not only to people around you, but also to yourself.

    The double irony is that if you look at the bibliography of famous philosophers, then many (offhand, Deleuze/Guattari, Jaspers) towards the end of his life, books with the approximate title “What is philosophy?”appear. Quite a funny situation – a person has spent most of his life working on a certain subject and at the same time does not understand what kind of subject it is. With science, this will not work.

    Philosophy as a subject, it does not exist independently of anything, it is a situation of philosophizing. For it to take place, you need someone's consciousness and the object to which it is directed. As they joked in the early twentieth century, ” If you are a phenomenologist, you can talk about at least a cup of coffee in your hand, and this will also be philosophy.” When you think about something not just because you were told to think that way, you were told to do that, but because you fully realized what exactly you were told, passed through yourself… and agreed or disagreed. Then they came back and changed their minds. Because you are a free thinker. And this is not a question of necessity or necessity, it is that flickering situation that sometimes manifests itself, then disappears, because we all mostly rest on everyday life. But I am sure that there were many plumbers, movers and other people who, at the moment of turning the crane, think about what is primary – matter or consciousness.

    When I was lifting bags of plaster up to my fourth floor, somewhere on the fourth floor, I thought I understood existentialism. This is a very Sisyphean situation, if you know what I mean. Because there were still a lot of such bags down there. I remembered that Camus had suggested that we imagine Sisyphus happy. Full of happiness and meaning. He dragged the bag on.

    P. S. Only now remembered that Pyatigorsky's phrase sounded like this: “Nobody needs Buddhist philosophy for fuck's sake. And that's its value. And it is worth doing it not because someone needs it, but because it is in-te-re-sno!”. I hope they'll forgive me for being so free.

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