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  1. Because it is natural for a person. We are afraid of death, because humanity has created many religions, because we are interested in knowing what will happen after death (more precisely, we hope that SOMETHING will happen and, accordingly, we want to know what exactly). Now there are such a huge number of theories about what will happen after death that I, for example, just get lost, and at the same time I can't know for sure which of the theories is correct. Accordingly, I am incredibly interested in which of the theorists is right.

  2. Because from time immemorial, people have asked this question. And the most interesting thing is that until we die, we will not get the desired answer. It's simple, people don't want to believe that the life they've lived is all they've been given. After all, the average 60-80 years is so small. Those who have lived quietly and modestly all their lives, like a true Christian (I don't want to offend believers in any way), want to believe that after death they will be awarded a ticket to Eden for their disobedience. And those who, on the contrary, burned their lives, but came off, want to hope that no punishment will follow.

  3. Everything is much simpler than it seems. This curiosity stems from the fear of death. Death is not biological, but the death of the individual, our “I”, this is exactly the fear that helped spread the Abrahamic religions because there is hope for salvation, for life, even if not the shell, but the ” I ” as a person. And so many people wonder if there is life after death.

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