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  1. A huge number of people can [could] afford not to think about high matters at all just because somewhere on the periphery of their consciousness there is [was] a certainty: there is someone who somehow keeps solid knowledge on these issues. The masses can [could] safely engage in fixing primus lamps, tinning handwashers, stealing, tilling bread, drinking tea, fishing, reenactment, psychotherapy, repairing cars and apartments, catching fleas, making props, and other “concrete tasks.” Because they know [knew] that all this has a common meaning, that it is part of some big strategy and someone who is supposed to do it, if anything happens, can witness it. This is called delegation.

    Due to the widespread unconsciousness of this process, many may verbally even directly deny the need for such knowledge and treat any conversations on this topic with anger. But as soon as this peripheral confidence suddenly falters, as soon as there is a timid possibility on the horizon that there are no such people and no such knowledge, all the “specifics” suddenly begin to pour in. Everything that seemed absolutely unshakable begins to wobble and float, including the very boundaries of what we call everyday life and everyday life. Suddenly it becomes unclear whether it is necessary to repair, tin, steal, plow, drink, catch, treat, dance, solder, plan.

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  2. Because most people don't ask this question seriously enough to start worrying.

    Their confidence is in not going where they don't want to go – and there's some wisdom in that, if you will. The question of the meaning of life is a burden, and not everyone wants to take it on themselves. This is a responsibility, and it is not very popular.

    I would not call the views of ordinary people on life primitive – after all, this simplicity provides a solid foundation for meaning, and therefore copes well with its task. There's a lot to learn)

    Finding meaning is incredibly cool. The best motivation and at the same time the most powerful antidote to meaninglessness. But this is intellectual and moral work.

    You can read more about my view on the meaning of life here. There is also a text about how the meaning of life helps to cope with suicidal thoughts.

    I'll give you a little direction of thought. The question “what is the meaning of life?” – wrong one. You won't get a response to it. The correct question is “what is the meaning of my life?” The focus shifts to you, which immediately returns the situation from heaven to earth, and you-responsibility and freedom to decide.

  3. The question about the meaning of life is asked by those people who want to get an answer to this question. Why do I live? Why do I exist on this planet?

    They are calm because the meaning of their life lies only in their life. These people are not interested in global questions and answers.

    You can't divide people into primitive and non-primitive people.

    For every smart person, there is a genius person. And then “smart” will have nothing to say.

    Everyone is different. We are like trees, plants, and animals: we are all different. And everyone needs each other for one reason or another. To appreciate the sincerity of a person, you need to have a lot to do with insincerity. To assess bravery, you need to “eat up” cowardice.

    And recognizing other people as primitive is pride.

    Respect other people who are not like you.

    And maybe, thanks to the fact that they are in your life, you will finally understand the meaning of your life for yourself. And calm down in harmony with yourself.

  4. And what is the meaning of life? Is there a specific direction for this very meaning?And for whom?For a maniac, for a peacemaker, for a politician, for a fool?And what is the point of it?What would it be?

  5. The questioner, Igor, is not quite right. People, especially after the collapse of the USSR, are not very calm. And besides, in this prolonged period of perestroika, when mortality and suicide have increased, then, excuse me, what kind of search is there for the meaning of life, when you think about what to feed your family and children tomorrow. I don't think all this can be called calm. It's only in the cemetery, especially at night, calm.

    If people confuse the meaning of life with the current, present-day life, then these are not the meanings, but the ways, ways, and possibilities of life. There are countless of them!

    Moreover, how many people, so many meanings, besides, everyone has not one meaning, but many. If the child is 4 years old, its meaning is a fire or police radio – controlled car. And if he grows up to 18 years old – a cool motorcycle or a foreign car, depending on Dad's wallet. Well, and so on, over the years, the meanings change, because the person himself changes. All this depends only on the LEVEL of SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS! Not to be confused with intelligence or intelligence, these are two different things! For the true, real and immortal man is precisely his Spiritual Consciousness. It happens that a person is 12 years old, and his Consciousness is 200 or 300 years old. Such was Ramakrishna, who did not want to go to school.

    In fact, the meaning of life is the same for everyone, and not in one life taken, but in all the lives lived, until you get tired of all this whirl, so that you can get off this “train” forever, and not be born again, and not die! This is the essence, and the whole meaning of all lives – TO BECOME God (not to be confused with God, the Creator).

    The MEANING OF LIFE consists of only two words! And how much has been written about this meaning – it's crazy! Probably, it will take the place of a huge library, and what's the use (?) – empty words, masterfully juggling, in different interpretations.


    Here is the phrase “you are gods” in the Gospel of John:

    John 10: 33 The Jews answered and said to him, ” We do not stone you for a good deed, but for blasphemy, and because You, being a man, make yourself God.”

    John 10: 34 Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law,' I said, ' You are gods?'

    John 10: 35 If he called those to whom the word of God came gods, and the Scripture cannot be broken, –

    John 10: 36 Do you say to him whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world, ” You blaspheme, because I said: Am I the Son of God?


  6. The meaning of any person's life is to achieve such a balance when the search for meaning disappears by itself as unnecessary. When you wake up in the morning, you feel that everything in your life is going right, you are on the right track and you know what you need to do to maintain this state. It's like finding your destination.
    Someone to achieve this state is enough revenge of the street and in the evenings to drink tea with cheesecakes, someone needs to do a huge intellectual and spiritual work, and someone was immediately born with such a sense of life and he does not even need to realize it. Everyone has their own path, and each path is needed by the universe.
    And if someone does not fulfill something, does not realize it, or does not live their own life, believe me, it will not be easy for such a person to die. I mean, everyone gets what they deserve.

  7. Here the main environment and culture of a person. If this is in harmony, then you don't need to think too much. Everything goes like a machine, you don't even need to think too much. Nature has long adapted man.

  8. THE MEANING OF LIFE has many levels of depth of understanding.

    The simplest basic level of understanding the meaning of life is simply to try to live well and develop comprehensively for this purpose – on this path, a person receives both a high quality of life and answers to the most difficult questions and to the question of a deeper understanding of the meaning of life.

    Nature has its own complete answers to these difficult questions.

  9. The question is different… Why many people do not want to accept the fact that there is no COMMON, global meaning of life, and can not be.

    From the point of view of biology, the meaning of Life (as a biological phenomenon) is in life itself. In increasing the level of self-organization of matter…

    And the meaning of a particular person's life is different for everyone. Moreover, it changes many times over the course of a lifetime. The meaning of the life of a four-year-old toddler is different from the meaning of the life of his father… And his grandfather… Even if they all share the same “values” and live in the same house…

    A person who has realized this simple fact is extremely calm. Because it becomes SELF-SUFFICIENT. He doesn't waste himself looking for answers to empty questions…

  10. Most people are calm because they intuitively understand the meaning of life. And only a few who are inclined to philosophize bother themselves with attempts to abstract those questions that cannot be generalized.

    It is important to remember that our language is designed and adapted to immediate practical activities, which means that all the ” meanings “that we are looking for cannot be disconnected from the”here and now”. Life is not a process, but a state (being), and the “meaning of life” cannot be separated from what concerns us in the current period of time with a given environment.

  11. One way or another they understand Sisyphus ' work! So the meaning is crooked I apologize for the departure.I can't change anything at all,but I want to live.There is a certain format, and that's fine.Still, the positive wins.

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