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  1. My grandmother is a fan of such programs. Every time I ask her why she absorbs this negativity, because it does not carry any semantic load, and most often these programs are staged, she answers “this is life, granddaughter. People are very worried, worried, they have problems. I want to see how others live.” She believes the program is true, and therefore watches it like a TV series. You like to watch TV shows, worry about the characters, don't you?

  2. as for me, everything is very simple: to perceive this kind of information, you don't have to strain your brain much, plus everything acts as a general discharge.

  3. For me, this is for contrast. Well, that is, to know that “somewhere out there” is even worse, someone has something that's going on. For about the same reason, people watch dramas, so that later they can come out of them into ordinary life, and think: “But I live well.”

  4. From the point of view of Sigmund Freud and his theory of psychoanalysis, personality is governed by two basic instincts-eros (the instinct of procreation) and thanatos (the instinct of destruction), the corresponding craving is in any person, and it finds its expression in one way or another. This is possible in a socially approved form (for example, a surgeon who cuts up living people, thereby helping them maintain their health, found, probably without realizing it, a socially approved form to vent the energy of thanatos), in a socially disapproved form (robberies, robbery, murder, violence, and much more) and in a neutral one … �

    Viewing bad news,” dirty and vulgar ” ads, and other content referred to in the question can also be considered an expression of the “eros” and “thanatos” instincts. A person who consumes such content passively satisfies these basic instincts and needs. At the same time, in principle, it does nothing wrong or reprehensible.

  5. The recently hackneyed phrases “What are the Ukrainians doing there” and “Have you seen the US national debt” are an exhaustive answer to the question. People like that they are better than something and someone else. Self-esteem and attitude to life jumps. People get high. There's filth, hell, and horror on TV. And I'm doing great, I didn't have this and can't be, because I'm cool.�

    A great way to experience the feeling of achieving a cool goal without achieving any goals at all.

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