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  1. It depends on what is considered smart and stupid. If we take the intelligence quotient as a measure, then this is the interaction of genetic factors, the social situation of development: upbringing, social environment, ecology, nutrition.

  2. If a person is constantly engaged in something, he begins to do it better. This also applies to thinking.

    Those who try to understand something on their own, to get to the bottom of things, as a result, have more developed thinking. Those who have been taught from childhood to always take their word for it, trust authorities and “do not get involved with stupid questions”, have an undeveloped mindset.

    Those who are surrounded by intelligent (well-reasoned) people are more likely to become smarter themselves, because they feel that intelligence is valued in this environment. In another environment, a person may not have the incentive to train their mind. Moreover, in some circles, the manifestation of the mind is frowned upon.

    Among people who only try to appear smart, the idea that you need to hide your ignorance of something is common. They believe that if you show ignorance, you will be valued less. Such an environment is not conducive to the development of the mind, because it closes one of the most fruitful opportunities for the development of the mind – learning from a more intelligent/knowledgeable person.

    People who are really smart are encouraged to ask each other questions (i.e., openly show their ignorance). Because if you ask a question, then you want to learn something. Usually, smart people like to share their knowledge and are willing to answer questions. Such an environment contributes to a more complete, high-quality understanding. Frequent discussions and clarifications help train the mind.

  3. Thousands of reasons. From anatomical and medical to psychological and religious. Some people are simply not interested in receiving and processing information. For some, this simply prevents them from making money. Someone basically considers all smart scoundrels worthy of death. Different situations

  4. You need to become a person. What you call a person is not a person. For man is not a body and a brain, but something much higher that is not included in everyday concepts. But the herd believes that a person is someone who has already been born.

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