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  1. I agree with the answer of AYANA ES, but I would like to develop the topic a little…

    The history of combining people in pairs and groups is associated with such concepts as survival, difficulties, and problems. Even in the first half of the 20th century, survival alone was problematic-hunger, cold, disease, violence, wars… it was in such conditions that people held on to each other.

    Modern (especially urban) life is much more comfortable – if you have a place to live, a job, then there are no problems, except for those that you have invented for yourself. Problems start when you either lose your job (small ones) or lose your legal capacity (big ones)… in the first case, it is enough to have contacts of acquaintances to whom you can contact in case of something, the second case occurs extremely rarely and people do not consider it necessary to insure against it (or hope for the help of the state, friends).

    If we talk about the relationship between men and women, it is first of all – children, it was difficult to work alone and raise children, the two of them are easier physically, but harder psychologically (because life together is rarely complete without restrictions of freedom, resentment and claims to each other). In the second – sexual relations. In the third – material and domestic problems…�

    Modern kindergartens and schools pay a lot of attention to the employment of children during the working hours of their parents, and many (especially if the grandmother helps) have the opportunity to raise a child alone. Sexual problems are solved through free relationships or refusal to have sex. There are practically no domestic problems left – the service sector and perfect equipment work wonders )

    But what about communication, emotions, and feelings? Here already someone solves their problems-someone in the social network.he sits in social networks, someone communicates with colleagues at work, someone makes friends by interests. There is no point in constantly holding on to each other, people are becoming more self-sufficient.

  2. Why are there so many lonely people?

    People are becoming more and more divided and quarrelsome. And all because of their growing selfishness, when each seeks his own benefit and does not want to tolerate the other, negotiate, sacrifice their own interests. Most likely, this is due to the widespread worldview that exists in the world, called hedonism, that is, the ethical doctrine according to which pleasure is the highest good and the meaning of life, the only terminal value(whereas all other values are instrumental, that is, means of achieving pleasure). Other people are tools for the individual, that is, means of achieving pleasure. Well, if each individual wants to use others to achieve their own pleasure, then it turns out that they remain alone.
    The second reason is that many people would like love, union, relationships, but they can't find their prince on a white horse, or even on a donkey – most of the planet's life is not arranged, problematic, etc. To create a more or less simple union, you need trust and hope for the future, and even at least your corner, work, perspective, and during crises this is problematic, So they don't know what to do..

  3. The economic model has changed, and so has the social structure.

    Previously, a large family (children, relatives) was needed to survive. Now it is enough just to exist alone. Therefore, people began to make increased demands on partners – in many cases, simply inflated. This trend only gets stronger with age.: (

    But the economy is not standing still, and we are waiting for more difficult times. The loneliness epidemic a has already gripped developed countries. Everyone else is on the way.

    The modern child grows up alone. There are no siblings, parents (or even just mom) at work, neighbors and classmates communicate with smartphones. The transition to adulthood is complemented by women trying to sell their gender at a higher price, and men avoiding family obligations.

  4. Because nobody needs anyone. It is rare to meet two people who would like to take care of each other and love each other. In general, as it was said: “the main thing is not that we are alone, the main thing is with whom we are alone.”

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