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  1. great thoughts were expressed by Messrs. Dashchenko and Svyatogryzych.
    I believe that the author is endowed with remarkable imagination and reflexivity, which is why the result of the activity” lives ” even before its completion: here it makes sense to think carefully about choosing a scalable and flexible topic of work, that is, available for development in the most unexpected directions: learn how to choose a really interesting and long-term business.
    equally important may be a life partner who is able to support and inspire, and a colleague or colleague who works on the boring side of the author and knows how to diversify and refresh it.
    good luck in your endeavors and sequels!

  2. You don't seem to care about this case in itself. Important-the emotions that you get from what “seems perfect”. And these emotions are most likely about you – you feel “cool” at the same time.

    And when it turns out to be a dream, it breaks into reality – the case ceases to interest you as a possible source of these emotions. Yes, and infuriates, as a reminder that everything was not as we would like.

  3. In fact, you have already answered your own question) It is not possible to complete the task to the end, because a lot of shortcomings cause irritation and unwillingness to continue.
    What you can do about it: when you get down to business in a rush of inspiration, stop for a minute and determine exactly what the result should be. It is advisable to write on paper: what would you like to see as a positive result, whether you can do it, what exactly should be done well, and what is not so critical. Striving for the ideal always slows down, because the ideal is not achievable, you can always find some shortcomings. Decide for yourself in advance which shortcomings will not be too critical for you, which you can close your eyes to.
    If you set yourself a real, achievable goal (with advantages and disadvantages), then it can be achieved.

  4. you probably have a defense mechanism activated. Most likely, the reason is a strong internal criticism. Often taken from the parent's family. (Someone previously criticized or did not praise you for your achievements as a child)

  5. There may be several reasons for this, and you need to deal with it individually. The first thing you need to pay attention to is exactly what I want to complete and why I need this result.

    Once you start something, ask yourself 5 times what I'm doing it for. For example, to earn money. How do I earn enough money to buy a car? Why buy a car to take your children to tutors? and so on. And now you know your true motivation. So you need to pay attention to it, and it inspires you? Seems perfect? Do you want to continue? Annoyance always indicates that you are not satisfied with this case.

  6. what do you think is perfect? the end result or the process itself?

    perfectionism is a flexible path.

    what kind of business do you quit? maybe you spend too much time on it because you are tired and you are already tired of it?

    if it's not that important, maybe you don't have to go through with it?

    determine where and what you think is “perfect”

    the ideal is the opposite of the real.

    perfectionism is inherently annoying.

    so to the question WHY? – try to answer the fuck yourself, and do not rush to finish everything until the end, if it is not very important in your life

  7. Perhaps this is not your business, so understanding it somewhere subconsciously, motivation drops, interest disappears and irritation appears. Answer the question: do I do exactly what I want?

  8. Because you're out of your comfort zone. Answer the question, are you going somewhere? Or go from something?

    To maintain self-motivation, you need to recognize that yes, there are shortcomings, but you are ready to improve. And you don't need to compare yourself with others, you have your own unique path.

  9. Your problem is a bit unclear. But in general, I am sure that if you understand where the irritation begins to come from and understand it, then your cause can disappear. You need to love yourself more, because if you have higher vibrations, then your defense will be stronger and your will will be stronger! This means that you will not allow irritation to come, confuse you with all the cards. Our choice must be conscious and constant . If you give up your bad mood and thoughts, you can win! Forbid bad thoughts to come to your mind! And the sooner you order, the greater the result will be, for the place of this listen to meditation and be filled with beautiful music and words. Everything will be fine.

  10. You just need to develop more patience with what you are doing, and then you will not get annoyed and will not have to give up halfway. Believe me, it will all come to you and all cases will be completed with success!

  11. I've seen people like you. Unfortunately, they did not find a way out, their energy never really flowed anywhere, and then ended altogether, with age.

    But I found one small way out after that. Find yourself a person (if you are a girl , then you need a husband) who can balance you and direct your strength in the right direction. If you are lucky in the search and your husband turns out to be stubborn, then he will bring your initiatives to mind independently, or “merge” them unnoticed by you.”

    In short, you will produce, and he will implement. Either absorb it, put it somewhere, but your ” ego ” will not suffer. Looking for a man. 🙂

  12. Try to learn how to analyze your motivations more objectively. Before you decide to do “business,” weigh the pros and cons. As carefully as possible, think through the future stages and steps to achieve the final goal.�

    If you really want to achieve this – make up your mind and act.�

    The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise your activity may start to be associated with negativity on a subconscious level and soon it will seem uninteresting and useless.�

    “There are no lazy people. There are goals that don't inspire you” – Tony Robbins

  13. Over time, the fuse becomes less and less, this is normal and this happens to many people.
    At first, you are completely immersed in a new business, with great enthusiasm and zeal, which gradually evaporates and it takes a little more effort to focus, because this new business no longer seems so new, but rather a little boring and mundane.

    At this point, you need to break yourself and continue what you started, and not give up halfway. I know from my own experience that this moment of loss of enthusiasm passes later, if you were genuinely interested in this case at first.

  14. perhaps you are a person who is looking for an ideal, easily charmed, but also easily gets out of the spell-disappointed in the goals, because at the very beginning you see their reverse side, their imperfections, etc. I think that you lack the faith and revelation that can show you the way to true and eternal perfect values, and those that you have the opportunity to go to do not look real. Everything is not what it seems in our world and illusions are quickly broken by reality.

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