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  1. Do not create poverty, no one forces you.

    Adolf Aloizovich thoroughly discussed the problems of someone else's breeding poverty.�

    When discussing exactly why someone should not create poverty, you will inevitably cite the example of gypsy women in the subway with children.�

    Yes, gypsies. And what is the conclusion?

    Do not need to produce? OK, don't.

  2. Because beggars (or whatever you call them) also want to have children.

    You might as well ask, ” Why breed Negroes?”, “why breed Uryupinsk residents?”, ” why breed people with the surname Gaffarov?”

    People give birth to children because they want to. Just like you want to watch Family Guy or ask this question on TQ.

  3. First, what makes you think this is necessary or necessary??? Where is this said, written, or who gave such instructions? I personally have never heard of such a thing, so I think that there is no need to purposefully produce it.

    Secondly, where did you see this poverty and how much is it?

    Third, poverty is also people and a part of society that gives offspring and thus supports the population of people on the planet.

    Fourth, brilliant scientists, artists, etc. can come out of poverty and give an impetus to the development of humanity as a whole.

    If you want, you can find other answers, but these are already enough to understand the worthlessness and insignificance of this question.

  4. Have you ever wondered what exactly poverty is??? For this reason, only by accepting one or another point of view, and we should answer your question. A strange question, especially there(earth is a planet) where 90% are extremely disadvantaged in everything.

  5. There are so many options at the heart of this question.
    Almost half of poor families (especially by the mother's own decision) give birth to children for their own plans:
    “When my slave (oops, that is, my son/daughter) learns, goes to Moscow State University or MGIMO, starts earning a lot of money and gives everything to me. “- © someone's mother.
    Basically, these and similar plans of mothers and I force the latter to give birth to children in poverty.

    Thus it provides suffering to many:
    The mother herself, who works for the sake of the “child” in 3 jobs, does not sleep at night and does not take care of herself
    For the child himself, who grows up in poor conditions, his mother may yell at him, beat him, he receives a poor (or no) education, and slave (system) thinking is laid in his brain.
    And other people who do not know this family, but their taxes go to this family (or to the treasury under cover).

    There are also other types:
    For example, to give birth, because it is necessary. If a woman lives in a poor (or initial average) standard of living, let her get out of it first, and then give birth, so that both she and the child live Well

  6. Someone is knocked up, someone has circumstances that did not work out , someone is in the process of becoming rich. Lots of options. I don't take into account marginals who don't give a damn about children. I know many people who approach family planning consciously.

  7. Duc, but they don't ask anyone for permission. If we had a permissive system for the birth of children in Russia, they would only allow strictly those with an income of 50 rubles a month or more, then it would be different.

  8. “God gave a bunny-will give a lawn!!1” – this is what poor families most often rely on, where logic is dominated by stereotypes that also do not allow you to have an abortion, send your child to a children's home/other family, etc.

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