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  1. Just yesterday, we reviewed Dr. House's girlfriend, and it described sex perfectly: the pulse rate increases, arrhythmia occurs, blood pressure rises, the pupils dilate, the body is very hot, the muscles are tense as if they are carrying something three times the weight of their own body. If nature didn't make this process enjoyable, we'd all be fucking extinct.

    Pleasure hormones control our survival rate. All basic things are pleasant to do just so that we have an interest in prolonging our life. It just so happened that those individuals who enjoyed the process of life survived. The rest died and did not produce offspring. This is how evolution works.

  2. Nature did not lay down, it just so happened that those who did not have such hormones for the most part did not get new benefits from owning them.

    Well, this is just a regulatory mechanism that appeared in the process of species development, stimulating certain types of behavior. The search for pleasure from eating allows you to actively search for food to continue existence, the search for pleasure from coitus allows you to actively search for a partner to continue the gene line.

  3. If it is possible to reason from the point of view of nature, giving it the human quality of intelligence, then it is logical to assume that in this way it ensures the survival of species. If we did not feel pleasure, then the desire for death outweighed (which, for example, happens in depression). However, I am not a proponent of the hormonal theory of pleasure. I know of many cases where the pleasure that engulfs a person becomes so intense that it turns into pleasure mixed with suffering, and all this also ends in death.�

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