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  1. I will mention several reasons:
    1) because of the distance when I went to study in another city
    2) friends gradually start families and become too busy
    3) communication with someone becomes uninteresting, because you notice that a person has a limited range of interests – drink beer and whine on the Internet. He does not develop as a person, there are no
    4) with friends, guys were so that they began to hint at a romantic relationship. Well, I initially indicated that in this regard, they do not attract me. Friendship came to naught
    5) also stopped communicating with unbalanced personalities
    Something like that;)

  2. There were cases when friends left and found new friends. You were instantly forgotten, not written, not answered.. There were also cases when friends simply found a new company. This can be very painful and difficult, but you can not be upset, you also need to look for new comrades! No matter how hard it is, everyone can go through with it. And so, there are many reasons.. Even trivial interests. They can also diverge, especially in people in transition)

  3. I had three friends in my life, and one of them was very close to me,her name was Sofya, gentle and kind, patient,and she looked like a poor trapped mouse.But I was self-centered and harsh,and it is not surprising that soon, despite her generosity, she got tired of me,and one day we stopped communicating on her initiative.But a year later, we wrote again, and it was no longer her,not the same gentle friend of mine, she became rude, deceitful and arrogant under the influence of new friends,my actions to rehabilitate her were in vain, they were ridiculed by her and her new friends.And our communication gradually stopped, slowly came to naught due to the lack of communication topics and common interests.

    With my second friend,as well as the third, we had forced communication,this kind of communication when people communicate only because they spend a lot of time with each other,like in schools,at work,etc. (well,also because of some similarity of characters), so communication abruptly stopped, it is only necessary to stop seeing each other on a daily basis.But with the third friend,our forced communication continued a little more than usual,although communication still stopped due to pathological lies,which,by the way,was also noticed in the first,and,again, egocentrism.

    Some people,others I have not met yet, are still looking for a vest friend who will agree to listen to sorrows and resentments,while others are content with one-day friends with forced communication.

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