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  1. The worst thing is that lies kill the truth, and this is that there can be no justification for lying. There can be no justification for lying. I live in Japan and if someone in society lied, he lost his “face” for the rest of his life, which means that for the rest of his life he bears a brand. If you don't want to tell the truth, you'd better shut up. And in Russia, lies are pouring out from all TV channels and, most importantly, from the highest officials of the state. And the lower classes repeat and refine who will “throw” whom!!! That's all. With respect.

  2. Why do almost all people lie and hypocrite?

    Deception and hypocrisy as a way to get your own among your own kind means playing on their feelings, imagining how they work – this is the way to get your own. In the first place – your own, and then the rest. The primary importance is to get (respect, reverence, recognition, popularity, imidzh, money, attitude, result, yes, whatever) and all means are good.

    Do you think this is the norm?

    In our society, this has BECOME the norm, because no one judges with shame, no one hangs, does not imprison, does not blame, does not pinch such manifestations with a negative feeling of consolidation in the form of a blow to the hands and suppression of such manifestations in any way. Say thank you to our culture that celebrates this behavior. Personally, I don't think this is the norm, but it doesn't stop the machine of lies and hypocrisy from continuing to revolve around unconscious consumers of lies and show-offs.

  3. Protect yourself. Fear. How gregarious everything is – fewer and fewer people you can meet and not be afraid to be deceived. Really!!! Everything secret, sooner or later becomes a reality. Stop now. Yes, there are no friends – there are acquaintances, there is no hypocrisy – there are no strained smiles to colleagues, the circle of communication has narrowed to a minimum. But how easy it is to breathe and not be afraid and not worry that at one fine moment – you can find out for yourself what you were very much afraid of-because they lied so sweetly…lies to the rescue

  4. Probably because they are bored with life? They want some emotions…. Maybe pride???? I prefer to tell the truth and then hear, in my address, that I am inadequate…..The truth is not appreciated in our time…. All are drawn in front of each other… And the truth seems silly… I remember Tsoi's song. Here it is not clear where the face is, and where the snout is…..

  5. The author of the question united “almost everyone” in lies and hypocrisy, which is such a psychological move to ease the burden of guilt. In the second question, there is a sense of hope that since everyone is doing this and this is normal, then I can do it too.

    Lying and being hypocritical is an immature defensive reaction. For those people who have good boundaries, a sense of their absolute value, and a mature attitude to accept their truth, there is no need to lie and be hypocritical.

    A marker can be acute negative feelings towards others for lying. If it is difficult to accept this in others, there is aggression and accusations against people, we can assume that there is no forgiveness for this for yourself. I advised you to consult a psychologist about self-acceptance.

    Most likely, the formation of the subpersonality of “liar” and “hypocrite” was historically justified by the goals of survival and was necessary. For example, they were punished at home for bad grades in school, and they had to lie and be hypocritical.

    The path of truth is for mature people, and for this you need to cultivate your personality, a sense of security and unconditional love for yourself, then you will not have to lie.

  6. It depends on what we consider to be lies and hypocrisy. Where is the line between being honest and mindlessly blurting out everything that comes to mind? Is it hypocritical to smile at a colleague you don't really like? Yes, but this is politeness, it protects us from conflicts from scratch. Is the default false? If so, how can you keep someone else's secret without becoming a liar? And we, of course, lie when we give a person a compliment just to cheer him up, when we tell the child about Santa Claus, when for the sake of the peace of our loved ones we don't talk about our problems. In my opinion, there is very little malicious deception in the total mass of lies. Basically, this is an attempt not to complicate the life of others.

    So to answer this question, there are so many lies and hypocrisy, because we are often not ready to accept the truth ourselves. I'm more comfortable with that.

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