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  1. All in banal envy. A girl's friend may not be a bad person, but a certain competition in this area is not alien to the fair sex. Everyone builds relationships in their own way: someone does it better, someone does it worse, and someone does not work at all. if the couple's relationship is stable and full of pleasant moments, this is a reason for envy and jealousy on the part of friends(even if not explicit, even subconscious). relationships are not very good-a reason for criticism. after all, friends almost share everything with each other. And as a result of this communication, you see that your girlfriend is changing. she begins to demand more or behaves badly screwed up. Because her friend taught her something (“probably from her own experience”). Girls should learn to keep their personal life from prying eyes and ears ( even the best friend who knows from childhood) and not to disclose everything because no matter how you live, there will always be people who will climb into your monastery with their own foundations and reasons for envy and jealousy will also be found. No matter how fun it may sound, it's true…..

  2. It's different for everyone, obviously. Here is my ex-boyfriend who loved my best friend very much, even too much. Yeah, you got that right.

    And according to sabzhu-women are very good at squatting on their ears and convincing other women of certain things that do not always suit a man. I witnessed a situation when a young lady decided to divorce (!) from her husband because of what her friends told her. Obviously, this is not a reason, but only a reason, but her actions took on the character of decisive ones precisely after conversations with her friends.

    In my case, for example, we have a mutual dislike. He's got an emergency somewhere in the clouds above my head, and I'm just living the wrong life, as he thinks. The only thing is, I don't bother anyone with my lifestyle, but its ESV has a skid, like a bus – 3 meters, catching everything in its path.

    In short, sometimes one woman can either 1)open your eyes, or 2) inspire, or 3)give a reason and so on. another woman, which ultimately will lead to unnecessary problems for the man.

  3. There are several reasons why guys may not like their girls ' best friends. I will name, of course, the most popular ones, because all people are different, and there can be as many nuances as your imagination will allow you to invent.

    1) For example, the same girlfriend can constantly compare him with the exes of your passion. It's really infuriating. If you really want to talk, then you can do it with each other.�

    2) Your girlfriend's friend is fat and has a princess-of-the-world esp. It looks really stupid, especially with the fact that it's fat.�

    3) My friend just chsv princess of the whole world. Usually it doesn't look funny, but the anger becomes no less, and at such moments you want to do #BBPE.

    I, by the way, also dislike my girlfriend's best friend because she constantly insults me and calls me “her boyfriend”, and not by name. But, despite this, my girlfriend does not interpret this in the light in which I think and you may think. This is my characteristic of the “dislike” of my girlfriend's passion.

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