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  1. I once heard a very beautiful explanation that this is due to the fact that N number of years ago on the same day the child experienced a huge stress before the immediate birth. This, in some magical way, continues to affect the person from year to year, bringing discomfort a few days before the birthday itself.

    I don't want to say that this is the case, but thinking about it even somehow calms me personally in such sad moments)

  2. because every year a person understands that these are not the times when they are about to take out a cake for you you will blow out the candles and they will give you gifts.
    You understand that your friends will come to you give you money and you will go for a walk (to drink)
    and that's the end of it.
    You began to understand that life is not so sweet

  3. There is another version. When the birthday is approaching, a person involuntarily begins to think about himself, analyze, so to speak, what he has lived. A person asks questions, including subconsciously: Is it good that I was born? Does this world need me? Where do I belong here, what do I have, what am I? Is my birth a holiday for others or not? And so on. By myself, I will say that, yes, it is visited by such a thing, as if you turn around to yourself, look into yourself, listen, think, feel, draw conclusions. Although, maybe, who has it like)

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