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  1. First, the fear of aging. A person gets older every second, but it is the birthday that focuses attention on the inexorable passage of time. Therefore, many people are uncomfortable with another reminder that they have “aged” for another year. Think of Joey from Friends: “We agreed that everyone gets old, but I don't!”

    People tend to analyze their own lives in relation to dates and events. That is, the thought “I haven't moved a single step since I set a goal for myself” is less depressing than “it's been exactly a year, my birthday is coming up, and I've still achieved nothing.”

    Secondly, the dislike of increased attention. A birthday is not only sincere emotions, joy of loved ones and welcome gifts. These are also calls from distant semi-familiar relatives who call supposedly to congratulate, but in fact to teach life. On-duty greetings from everyone without imagination and sincerity. Tasteless and useless souvenirs, when receiving which you need to portray universal joy, puppy delight and endless gratitude. The expectation of such stress does not contribute to a good mood before the holiday.

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