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  1. In certain circles of male people, with a certain small mindset, there is a certain opinion that honking the horn at a girl who seemed pretty to you is considered a compliment. I can't say for sure where this opinion came from among them and whether they really expect the girl to think: “God, he honked his horn at me, I wish I could drive off into the sunset in his low four”, and then spend another half of the day/night thinking about it, but (again, I will assume) that for girls in most cases this is considered a little offensive, or at least stupid on the part of men (I deliberately avoid the word “men”).

  2. I've always been interested in the logic of such characters who honk and that's all. Well, either honk and stand looking at your reaction. I wonder if they really think that you will run up to them, get in the car, and jump for joy?))

  3. In relation to the first step to a girl, most of the men are pussies) Based on my own experience…you have no idea how often the free(?) men have a desire to approach,make a compliment, show a sign of sympathy, but often it happens “it's not convenient right now”,”the sun is shining in your eyes”, ” if only…”)

    And the car is our protection…it's like writing a compliment under Ava in a social network… so do not be alarmed or offended by drivers who make a compliment in the language of a car signal…they are loving;)

  4. This is just a biological reaction of the male to the female, and the mind has nothing to do with it, in terms of intelligence, IQ and other nonsense. �This is a gesture, a signal to the female that she has been evaluated positively, as a desirable object for mating. Each man has his own techniques that he uses to attract the attention of a woman, someone honks while sitting in the car, someone pumps up his muscles, another flaunts his knowledge of philosophy, literature, art, etc. But the motive remains the same, to seduce the female. This is the male nature, which dictates to the male how to fertilize the females as much as possible, while the “female” is manifested in not giving to everyone who meets, but only to the best, the chosen one, who is able to financially provide for her and her offspring. Another thing is that the laws of human morality limit natural, natural animal instincts, so in the relationship between a man and a woman there is always this tension, a confrontation between biological desire and moral norms. Moral laws only regulate the relationship between the two sexes ,but they are not a guarantee of security, which can suppress the biological reactions of both sexes. I believe that this should be treated with understanding.
    Judging is always easy and even pleasant, it is also a reaction and it also has its own hidden motives, goals and objectives. What are these motivations-the question? Not everything is so simple, and through the prism of moral concepts, the problem of relationships between the sexes can not be understood.

  5. Well, they make fun of me, of course) �I did it myself in 20 years)

    There is no need to take seriously some of the things that may happen to us in this life. Especially in our country)

  6. It's like a compliment, so you liked the girl, so she looks good.What's the problem I don't understand?Why stick your head out and yell?If I had a car, I'd do it too, sometimes.This is not prohibited anywhere in any codes or other laws.So the man still has testosterone left, he didn't waste it in the office)

  7. Why look for bad subtext in everything? If someone comes up to you on the street and says “girl, you are very beautiful”, will there also be an accusation of objectification, sexism and the threat of rape? Well, a passing man liked you, he told you about it, nothing terrible and insulting, why inflate the problem…

    Another thing is when cars start yelling in the wake, then it's already unpleasant.

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