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  1. Yeah, “modern” )) Lucius Annaeus Seneca wrote this in about 63 BC (letter to Cassius Quirinus). Teachers in general always grumbled about the campaign. Although wine was treated differently there than it is now and here, but it was considered indecent to drink undiluted. Actually, Seneca said everything about the reasons and how it looks from the outside:

    Every time I enter a class, I feel ashamed of the entire human race. One young man loudly boasts that he can drink a lot of pure wine. You'd better show off that you've learned �properly! And any craftsman will drink more than you. Yes, and he will laugh at you, saying that the young man wants to appear an adult, but his cheeks are smooth, like a girl's… the Greek flutist and herald gather a great many people, and where they study what is the husband of good, and teach how to become a husband of good, there are only a few listeners, and even those, in the opinion of most, are engaged in an empty business, so that they call them fools and idlers.

  2. First, I think we need to agree on who we consider to be young people. Because the difference in attitude to alcohol among those who are in the age category of 15 years-32 years-is enormous. A number of other factors are also important: the status of the family from which the young person / girl comes; in which region he / she lives; and what religious denomination he / she belongs to. There are many important details!

    In general, it seems to me that there is no significant increase in alcohol consumption among young people (15-27 years old). There was a very bad and long period of active “beer advertising” – remember: “Who will follow Klinsky?”. Then, indeed, they drank a lot and bragged about it, because thanks to active advertising, alcohol became a sign of coolness and a beautiful life. But now, it seems, it has become quieter in terms of propaganda.

    Maybe the impression of “showing off” is formed due to the strengthening of information flows and the availability of information? Previously, there was no Instagram, no social networks, no instant messengers, only a few people had smartphones (and before that, no one had them at all). But now everything is simple – I took a picture, posted it on the network, notified everyone about what exactly, where, with whom, when and how much I drank.

    By the way, a personal observation: when I communicate with those who are now under 23 years old, I am surprised and happy that many children have a very reserved attitude to alcohol. It would be nice if this continued to be the case.

  3. It clearly makes sense for you to change your social circle )

    For example, the young people I talk to, who are between 16 and 30 years old, mostly either don't drink at all, or don't make it an end in itself.�

    For me, who had a late scoop, when not a single conversation could take place without a bottle, this is an amazing and joyful trend )

  4. The point here is not in modern times, but in the fact that usually for teenagers the first cigarette or a bottle of beer drunk is a kind of forbidden fruit, available only to adults. Having tasted it, I want to share new sensations, show that now you are in the caste of “close” to the inaccessible, which means that you are an adult. Authority among peers is growing. I know a man who started dabbling in cigarettes and alcohol around the age of 22, Keech was exactly the same as when he was a teenager. Yes, and what a sin to hide, she was the same. The first binge at the age of 15 caused a storm of emotions in me, I wanted to share it with my friends and show thereby how otvyaznaya and adult I am)).�

    So, do not blame the generation for the behavior characteristic of people who are new to everything 😉

  5. this is a deep misconception. firstly, because you have given yourself the installation that all teenagers drink and “boast” about it. accordingly, when you see an adequate child, you ignore him, when you see confirmation of your installation-pay attention. Secondly, those who sit in courtyards with a bottle of vodka are a priori better visible than everyone else. third, you need to understand that on the street you see mostly just those “strange” teenagers. it is obvious that standing representatives choose places of a slightly different nature than paddocks in the city center. go to places where really smart guys are sitting, there are a lot of them) just the other day I was at the ITMO center for preparing students for admission. there, tellingly, no one “boasted” that he drinks))

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