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  1. Comparing with the worst, a person comes to the conclusion that, in general, everything is not bad for him and, therefore, there is no need to spend energy on changing something. You yourself write that if you compare with the best, then the topic “grow” arises. And” growing up ” is not always physically possible, and it is not always motivated to do so.

    I note that there are indeed situations in life when growth is not so necessary, and the current life option is quite normal. It's just that everything related to the topic of growth is not only an objective necessity, but also a consequence of the work of the self-development industry, which constantly encourages people to do something and invest in it, trying to become an “improved version of themselves” or “catch up and overtake”someone.

    But the phrase “some people don't even have water, so don't complain” is already from the category of manipulation. Usually, its purpose is to encourage a person not to say something that can make the person who is voicing it act personally. Well, or at least spoil his mood by reminding him that there is a problem that he does not solve.

  2. It's all about the positive connotation of the comparison, which overshadows the dissatisfaction with “what is”. �Especially now, when most of the problems are really far-fetched and do not have a sufficiently serious justification. Life, which would seem to be full of abundance, is nothing for a modern person, because it is always not enough for him. In such an environment, it is more natural to be dissatisfied, to wish for the best and constantly suffer about its absence (this is the best). Which for most people develops into a way of life (eternal whining), in which they still trample on the spot, live their lives, but in a negative way. Which is fundamentally wrong, because this perception of life rather distorts its essence, namely, that it is one. And to live most of your life in this way is not the best prospect for a person. It's just not productive, and neither is growing up based on what you're suffering from.

    This may seem like a trivial solution at first glance, but it really works. Most people know from personal experience how difficult life is, and if there is at least some thing that mitigates the fact of their existence, then it is better to use it. In addition, a positive thought in itself is much more powerful than any negative thought, which makes it easy to accept the comparison with the worst.

    Finally, I will leave Chekhov's famous work “Life is Beautiful!”, in which he rather succinctly explains his comparison with the worst.

    “Life is a very unpleasant thing, but it is very easy to make it beautiful. To do this, it is not enough to win 200,000, get a White Eagle, marry a pretty girl, be considered well-intentioned — all these benefits are perishable and give in to habit. In order to feel happiness in yourself without interruption, even in moments of grief and sadness, you need to: a) be able to be content with the present and b) rejoice in the consciousness that “it could have been worse.” And this is not difficult:

    When matches light up in your pocket, be glad and thank heaven that you don't have a powder magazine in your pocket.

    When poor relatives come to your dacha, do not turn pale, but shout triumphantly: “It's a good thing they're not policemen!”

    When a splinter gets into your finger, rejoice: “It's good that it's not in the eye!”

    If your wife or sister-in-law plays scales, then don't lose your temper, and don't find a place for joy that you are listening to the game, and not the howling of jackals or a cat concert.

    Be glad that you are not a horse of the horse cart, not a Koch “comma”, not a trichin, not a pig, not a donkey, not a bear driven by gypsies, not a bug… Be glad that you are not lame, blind, deaf, dumb, or cholera… Be glad that at this moment you are not sitting in the dock, looking at the creditor, or talking to Turba about the fee.

    If you live in places that aren't so far away, can't you be happy that you didn't manage to get to places that are so far away?

    If you have a toothache, then rejoice that you do not have all your teeth hurt.

    Be glad that you don't have the opportunity to read The Citizen, sit on a sewage barrel, or be married to three people at once…

    When they lead you to the police station, then jump with delight that you are not being led to hell of fire.

    If you are whipped with a birch tree, then kick your legs and exclaim :” How happy I am that I am not whipped with nettles!”

    If your wife cheated on you, then be glad that she cheated on you, and not on the fatherland.

    Etc… Follow my advice, O man, and your life will be one of pure exultation.”

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