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  1. This is probably a form of grooming. Well, I mean, grooming is typical for a person's next of kin, so you can expect it, in one form or another.

    Judging by the prevalence, irrationality, persistence and even some obsession of such behavior, we can assume that it is really more instinctive.

    It is not clear, however, why it applies more to girls.

  2. Oh! What a wonderful question!))))

    I can't answer for those girls who don't care who they push stuff on. So below will be purely my opinion, maybe someone else has the same.

    First, it is a matter of aesthetics. Well, I don't like to see enlarged pores with a black dot on top or small bumps of zhirovichkov on a person. Since it is not always convenient for him to squeeze them out, I am happy to take this task into my own hands.�

    Secondly, a certain intimacy of the process, which means a very high degree of intimacy and trust on both sides.

    Third, excitement! Sometimes you crush some ordinary little pimple, and there…. And there is such a “hidden potential”! Every time it is interesting to find such a pimple.�

    And fourth , the process itself is fascinating. From and to.

    Something like that.

  3. This is some terrible obsessive disorder! I never understood that. It's hard to imagine myself doing this on my own initiative. If only asked or needed, sort of like a cut to seal up. 100% obsession!

    And by the way, girls with such obsession push everything that has got and who has got-at friends, at girlfriends, at relatives….

  4. I don't have a logical explanation, but it's really cool, especially if you press the black dots.

    Yes, and I do not put pressure on myself, because there are no pimples, and I like the process of “pressure”.

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