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  1. Jealousy is different, but the question was probably about jealousy to a loved one. I think jealousy is a very bad feeling, because it occurs when you either don't trust your loved one or aren't confident in yourself. If a guy gets jealous of a girl's friends, it means he doesn't trust her and thinks she might do something. Either he considers himself such that his girlfriend can run away to the first person he meets – he is not sure of himself. Most likely, balanced and confident people are not jealous. And what kind of love can arise at all if you don't trust a person?

    P.S. Just don't say that “he's not jealous, he can't stand the brain, so he doesn't love”. There are many other ways to pay attention to a girl without brain damage.

    P. S. S. Yes, so to live voooooobsche not boring)

  2. A zealous attitude is more often observed in relation to “my property”,such an attitude can be found quite often, I think you can not explain further. + personal characteristics of a person.

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