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  1. I don't think anyone likes to look at something terrible. If a person is drawn to watch horror, then something is already wrong with this. Do you watch horror movies? Criminal news? And you're getting used to it? Our society hates such people. We, a society of indifferent people. Anger, hatred and most importantly ! Fear ! Generates people who would seem normal to cross the line and becomes fiends, murderers, sadists, cannibals. Where is the line that a person crosses and goes to a heinous crime? Sometimes you lose your composure when you see on the Internet the results of a terrible crime of people, or rather already inhumans. Sadly. The death penalty cannot be abolished!!!

  2. we are already far enough away from the primitive society for which this was normal, so if a person likes to watch the dismemberment and he feels high, then these are signs of a mental disorder.
    I don't know about pathologists, to be honest, but I'm just disgusted and scared to watch this if it's a person.
    but as almost a veterinarian, I will say that when an animal is in front of you, it is perceived somehow differently, calmly , but there is no buzz from this, and I will not say that it is pleasant to see.

  3. Most people don't like this very much, and I'll put in my opinion, it's a good thing. I hope it will stay that way in the future.�

    For myself, the people that the author asked about, I divide into quite normal and not quite. With the latter, I think everything is clear: those who have deviations, such as sadism, masochism (I have read more than once how some people like to imagine themselves in the place of the victim (judging the authenticity of what is written on the Internet is a dubious occupation, but I see no reason not to believe in the existence of such a thing)) and other reasons that may lead to a different perception of shock content. For example, an event related to death may leave a strong impression in the head of one person, which, if circumstances happen, may later lead to fixing this image as positive (unlikely, since the effect is usually the opposite), or it may not affect the other person in any way, leaving only a memory. As you can see, the action depends on the degree of receptivity of each person. Naturally, for most people this will not be a discovery, if only because of the frequent appearance of such stories among movie/literary characters, explaining their behavior. even a person who is not interested in the topic, but has watched/read at least a couple of films related to it, will have an idea of the reasons for this behavior. Special videos that aim at brutality and dismemberment in themselves are designed for this group, and the average person will not like this, so I don't include snuff in the rest of the discussion about shock content.

    The first group is more difficult. Still, an ordinary person will not like this in the literal sense, although it may seem so from the outside. If this word means the desire to look (it does not always mean joy at the sight of such things, a person may have motives that he himself does not realize). Some people watch because of a lack of thrills, and unnatural situations are just right for their appearance. It may also be a simple curiosity about what is normal for a person. Some people “like” to watch because of the incoming feeling of fragility of life and, despite this, the safety of their own, and real pictures help in perception. Looking at how easily people die (I refer those who like to look at the corpses of animals to the second group, because I haven't noticed any deep motives yet), often even because of stupid things, thoughts about their own death may appear and a further sense of relief that you are not in the place of that person. I.e., no matter how contradictory it may seem, viewing shock content can bring some comfort. Fighting the fear of your own death.

  4. Many people who like to look at a dismembered body tend to think of a body that is dismembered not from the point of view of human parts, but as if it were parts and/or parts of a car. This approach allows you not to experience feelings of disgust and vomiting. With the frequent practice of dismemberment of the human body, a certain mental disorder may occur and then it will simply become a habit. Do not forget that for some it is included in the mandatory work (pathologists, physiologists). People who like to look at the dismemberment must have certain deviations and sadistic tendencies. Many people, for example, tortured their pets in childhood, then grew up and began to cause pain not only to animals, but also to other living creatures.

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