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  1. I'll answer more simply,philosopher.

    The bad and the good do not depend on anything (yes, Nietzsche said,and you couldn't understand what he said), but the ability to distinguish between them-just the same from the ability of a person to think and from his limitations.

    And stupid people answer smart questions to make them look smart.

  2. Because people absolutely do not know how to be critical of themselves and their capabilities. Accordingly, they do not consider themselves stupid. Tell any person whose intellectual abilities are lower than yours that they are stupid and even argue for it, but the result will still be nothing but resentment (and there is no point in being offended by the truth). Everyone considers themselves smart, or at least no more stupid than the average person, which is not always true, and most often even quite the opposite. Thus, it is the same for each person, whether they are smart or stupid – they answer questions to show themselves smart.

    P.S. I'm no exception:)

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