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  1. I will not take into account the biological processes in the body during dreams, perhaps they are not related to them. However, dreams are our connection to the unconscious world of images and sensations, so to speak. Dreams are an indicator of our emotional state, and for some, maybe a bridge with the future. And in general, a good day begins with good dreams.

  2. Dreams are repressed fears, desires, and anything else that you don't allow yourself to think about in your conscious state. Natural, it is impossible to limit this concept only to such a definition, but the main point is this. What you forbid yourself to think about in your conscious mind, reproduces your subconscious, roughly speaking. For example, I often dream that I am falling from some unrealistic height, although in fact I never thought that I was afraid of heights. But somehow I had to climb the bridge in Gorky Park and then I changed my mind, I realized that I was still afraid, yes.�

    Sexual images are also very often reproduced by the subconscious mind. Again, on my own example: there was a period when I studied the history of the Germans in great detail, at the same time we were having a discussion with a young man about the benefits / harms of rough sex. So, literally on the same night, I dream directly of the act of copulation, where he is a representative of the Germanic tribes, and I am some kind of Roman woman or something in the area of that, of course, he is rude and everything like that. So much for the subconscious mind.�

    In general, I highly recommend Freud's ” Interpretation of Dreams “or, if you want to be faster and shorter, then”Introduction to Psychoanalysis”. Extremely useful work that helps you understand yourself better, and your interlocutors, for example, to monitor and notice their erroneous actions.

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