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  1. Qualia is your own experience. Philosophers of a certain direction wonder how they are even possible, at the expense of what, what exactly turns us from unconscious automata into beings with consciousness. Of course, you can do without it. There are many philosophers who deny qualia and consciousness in general.

  2. This is an abstraction. For example, I see a red apple. That is, the light reflected by the apple is similar to the light of a red traffic light and affects my body in a similar way. For example, you can develop a reaction – do not cross the road at a red light. Philosophers like Chalmers throw out all the specifics and try to understand how red light in its purest form differs from green. Yes, nothing. Without specifics, nothing remains of the feeling. I recommend G. Ryle “The concept of consciousness”. All these issues were considered before the invention of the term qualia

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