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  1. The desire to be known is one of the basic ones. From this, you can build a whole meaning and way of life.

    Of course, long-term loneliness and rejection in childhood create social hunger. When others don't talk about you and don't think about you, it's a real tragedy for the individual and a trauma for the psyche, especially if the person is just being formed. When you are not reflected in the attitude of others towards you, it is as if you do not exist.

    Here is such an unnoticed or muffled person, exhausted by social hunger, longs for just someone to think and say something about him-no matter who and no matter what. Gerostratus syndrome is essentially a painful consequence of social hunger, the desire to get enough of at least slop and leftovers, at least poison. This condition manifests itself precisely in the desire that as many people as possible think and talk about you, no matter who these people are and no matter what the color of their thoughts and words is.

    However, in reality, this is only the very first, lowest stage of social realization. Its highest level is the best possible attitude towards you by as many people as possible, who know you as well as possible and whom you yourself treat as well as possible. In the absolute ideal, fame is when you live in a society where all the members know each other perfectly and relate to each other perfectly. This is what Confucianism calls the great unity (da tong).

    For more information, see “Social Harmony and Glory”.

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