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  1. Most likely, the case is in the so-called “dopamine pit”.

    After prolonged release of dopamine (a neurotransmitter that increases a person's mood) its reserves, so to speak, are being depleted,as a result of which we feel a slightly negative mood and regret that happiness and joy are not such a long process.

  2. But I'll answer a little more philosophically. Everything ends in general. Both good and bad. Living statically in only one good place would be incredibly boring. No goals, no motivation, no fulfilling life. And why? After all, everything is so wonderful.
    It is dangerous to live statically in one bad place.�
    After the night comes the morning, after the morning comes the night again. Everything changes. Black stripes on white and vice versa.�
    Any bad period will always end, it's only a matter of time and your patience. ALWAYS, in any case, the sun rises in the morning. And yours, too, will rise again and burn with renewed vigor. Remember that the coldest and darkest hour is just before the brightest and warmest dawn .)

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