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  1. Actually, people go to hypnotists, and such a request is not uncommon. However, it is usually formulated more specifically – well, for example, “inspire me that I am a great salesman”, “inspire me that I am the smartest”, “inspire me that I am a super lover”, etc. Another thing is that this request is not particularly feasible, because behind it is a child's desire for a miracle, and miracles rarely happen in our lives.

    If such a person agrees to rework the request, then a lot can be done. But to do this, you need to understand: a) why he has such a goal (and whether it is necessary at all, which is also not a fact); b) what hinders he can come to her on his own; c) what you need to do to still come to her. That is, to do some analytical work. Then it becomes clear what it is he needs to be indoctrinated – so that there is no conflict with his life attitudes. And only after that you can “turn on hypnosis”, and then the person will work for the result that he needs.

    However, from my experience, I can say that people with such requests usually do not agree to work, and even take offense when they are offered it. And they go-probably to a place where they are guaranteed a miracle.

  2. Because hypnosis doesn't really work on most people. There are some particularly suggestible ones, but they are unlikely to have a lasting effect on them either. Even then, this effect is of very limited use.

  3. It seems to me that you are wrong. I think that a lot of people go to hypontists to convince themselves that they are capable of anything.

    Just as I read the news or Q & A, I'm pretty sure that all these people have been taught that they can do anything.

    Such a huge number of people who are absolutely confident and capable of anything can only be explained by the work of hypnotists!!


  4. Imagine that a scientist who wants to make a discovery, instead of persistent scientific research and experiments, would go to a hypnotist. Or an athlete who wants to become an Olympic champion, instead of a strict regime and training, would engage in affirmations with a psychologist… Sane people believe only in their own strength and abilities.

  5. Alternatively, you can say that it is expensive. Why should I pay someone if I have so many opportunities to take care of myself absolutely for free? It's the same with psychologists and psychics, why should they do something for me that I can and should do on my own according to the situation?

  6. Perhaps many people simply do not trust hypnotists, because in fact they are defenseless in this state and you can inspire them with anything other than their request.

  7. There is a direction in psychotherapy-Erickson's hypnosis, which just works with such requests. This is not hypnosis in the stereotypical view – it allows you to put a person in a state in which he can solve his own problems with the help of the unconscious. But like any therapy, it does not give instant results, but with the correct and specific formulation of the request, success is more than possible.

  8. I went to sanatoriums .I was a psycho and neurotic, I left with such joy in my soul and emotions that the whole world is beautiful and I am good, it was enough for a little more than six months !

  9. You want a herd of cows … zombie apocalypse or just robots with the same program , but any program has flaws or errors .. Then there will be no geniuses or talented people .. Who needs it??!! Even in the military, robots will not pass everywhere , we need people with non-standard thinking … I think so, maybe not right … everyone has their own world in their head … And at the expense of fiction, this is just a rest-leaving reality for a short time and then back to work … But even with my work, I need a special approach and physics, mathematics, physical education-that's why many people run and moan … The epidemic of debauchery I do not see, but I see on the contrary a departure from it!!!: ))) Young people calculate and calculate when, why and whether they need it at all . Sorry if I didn't write correctly somewhere just a cleaner with experience … and we all see , hear and know a lot of things, but we are silent and do not worry . SOMEONE HAS TO BE A CLEANER … or do we also need to change, and let the robots clean up the dirt??!!

  10. In the 90s, hypnosis and other means were popular, since then they have undergone a number of changes and moved into the modern vision of the issue – NLP and this movement has many supporters, I personally do not like the fact of unconsciousness, but this is my opinion.

    Now on the topic. To begin with, when one aspect is suggested, it can collide with other parts of the personality and lead to conflict. For example, if you remove a bad habit/trait from a person without understanding the reasons for its formation, then something new and even less pleasant may appear in its place (for example, instead of the fear of public speaking, fainting may occur during street performances).

    Then there's the question of ethics. You are sure that you will not be inspired by something positive and something else that will bring additional profit to the inspirer (for example, make regular transfers to his account and do not remember about it).

    The next caveat: if a person is “prescribed” a certain structure of actions, then this will solve the current problem, but it will not teach the person to solve other problems that will arise in the course of life.

    Well, my personal opinion. I am extremely opposed to when someone “programs” the brain – it at least deprives the freedom of choice and the question arises “will it be you after such interventions”. I am for conscious decisions and for expanding the boundaries of consciousness (increasing awareness of the causes of actions).

  11. From my point of view, the main thing that can change people for the better is a real view of things. I'm not sure that autosuggestion will help this.

    But again ,the “best side” is a very vague concept

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