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  1. Freud's dream theory suggests that ” consciousness performs several basic operations during sleep:

    • thickening: combine several people / animals/things in one “glued” image;

    • offset: give one item or creature the properties of another. �

    • turning thoughts into images (for example, a frightening thought – into a visual image that you can be afraid of).�

    Together, a fairly strong “constructor” is obtained, with the help of which the images of the physical world and culture can be molded into the desired monster in a dream.

  2. Images of monsters can be attributed to the concept of archetype, which was described by C. Jung.
    Archetypes are ” universal innate psychic structures that make up the content of the collective unconscious, which are recognized in our experience and usually appear in the images and motifs of dreams.”
    In other words, our consciousness has a certain base of images (behavioral patterns) developed by our ancestors and imprinted in the unconscious.�
    There are a great many archetypes, and each has its own meaning and purpose. Their function is to condition the process of our perception of the world, events and phenomena around us.

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