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  1. Religions, especially Abrahamic ones, have always been cruel, and this applies to Islam, Christianity and Judaism. In my opinion, the main difference is that both Jews and Christians were able to go through the process of secularization of life for a long time, and not without black pages, which is crowned primarily by changing industrial formations and scientific and technological developments.

    Islam, on the other hand, is the ideological pillar of the anti-globalist third world, which cannot, on the one hand, emancipate women, guarantee individual freedom, and so on, and on the other, not recognize the achievements of the Western world. The religious component itself is not so important, but much more profound mental and cultural factors play a role here.

    Rather, it is a reaction of an essentially “Neolithic consciousness”, that is, a very primitive and archaically constructed system of the universe ( not concerning all 100% of Muslims, but naturally the lion's share of them ), fundamentally based on dogma, and not on criticism and empiricism. Therefore, the secularization of life among Muslims is painful, fragmented and on a small scale.

    Religion itself is only a tool here, not the very essence of the struggle, because any scripture can be interpreted in any way. One will defend the Koran, show and comment on excerpts from it that speak about the peace-loving and progressive nature of Islam. Others will interpret it radically differently. This is a disease of other archaic texts that have no practical meaning today, such as the Bible for example.

    In short, you yourself answered the question in its wording, only you see the problem in Islam, and I see the problem of moving to a new formation and type of social relations in traditional societies that take Islam as an ideological basis, as a way to formulate their deep psychological fear of changing their way of life, values and attitudes. Essentially, you have asked a closed-ended question that can be answered yes/no.

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