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  1. I sometimes think it would be cool to go back with the knowledge I already have. Then a lot of mistakes could be avoided. For example, to realize that adults are not always right and not always omnipotent. That you can tell your parents about your problems and they will not scold you, but will help you figure it out. Awareness of so many things comes only over the years.

    But you can't go into the same water twice, so now you need to do everything possible so that in another 15 years such thoughts about my current life will not arise.

  2. I wouldn't want to. It doesn't make sense. First, let's see how this can be done technically. If we are not talking about magically transferring our adult experienced consciousness in time to our infant body, then the only way is to die and be born again (if we accept the theory of reincarnation). In the second case (and there is no need to consider the first one) we will not achieve any positive results, because if there is reincarnation, then karma (causal relationships) exist even more so, and we will still have to solve all the problems we have solved in the next life. And we will still have to go through all the difficulties that we have not overcome, because we are supposed to have them. We have earned them, and we cannot escape them to another country or to another life. At the same time, it turns out that all the developments that we still managed to acquire in this life to solve these most unresolved problems will be reset, and they will have to be worked out again. In short, it's impractical, and won't solve anything.

    While writing all this, I thought that maybe the author was asking about something completely different? Start your life over not literally, but figuratively? If so, then still no. I personally am quite happy with my life. I'm very interested here, and there is quite a lot to do))

  3. Definitely Not.�

    To begin with, if a transfer in time became real , it would prove that there are other realities in space-time. And if they exist, then there are other US who live in those realities according to their own scenario. The corollary follows from this : Does our real life then have a significant value? If there are other realities in which we also exist. And where is the guarantee that we are not just another copy of the original, which lives in the very present tense? Then the meaning of everything is lost: life, existence, the world, the universe. So I refuse to even believe that time travel (“time machine”) is possible.

    Secondly, if you still consider my personal attitude to such a rhetorical question, namely, “Living anew”, then I also choose the answer-No. Life with its good moments and bad ones, with ups and downs, with bitterness, resentment, happiness and quarrels-this is an invaluable, unique, accumulated life experience. And if you remember that it mainly teaches from the mistakes and failures of a person, then you can highlight more negative, painful things than positive things in general in life. Therefore, to live it once again, re-learning all the lessons, re-watching how insignificant this world is, how rotten people are, how they return to their animal nature – no, please!�

    Life is not the sweetest thing that has befallen a person. After all, if you were to raise at least one dead person and ask: Does he want to be born again? “then he would have shaken his head at you.”
    This is because there is very little happiness in a person's life. Yes, and what brings happiness soon leaves us, leaving room for new bitterness and resentment, suffering. Truly happy is the one who feels alive! And when does a person feel alive, when does he feel time? That's right – when you're unhappy. It is in moments of suffering that time seems slow and painful, and life is more tangible. When in moments of happiness, we do not notice time and life passes by as something fleeting and imperceptible. This means that life is suffering. Therefore, it would be easier for me not to be born at all than to start my life anew.

  4. Yes, I would definitely like to start my life anew. That's just a dozen years earlier, and maybe 15. Do you know why? It seems to me that I am more suited to the era and the time that can no longer be returned. If I was born earlier, I would be a different person for society. I would simply spend more time with my family and friends. And I would also be able to understand and be closer, probably closer, to one person who is extremely dear to me.�

    I feel very strongly that I do not fit this time and these people who have gathered around me. Start your life anew in the past to fit in with the era and be in your place.

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