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  1. In this version of the task, the paradox is lost. Then the answer is anyone. For example, one of the colleagues working in the same village)

    You might want to clarify the wording)

  2. Is this the barber's paradox? When I tried to find the answer to this question, the following solutions came to mind:: 1) He doesn't get a haircut. She wears her hair long.

    2) He is bald and doesn't need a haircut.

    3) There is at least one other person in the village who fits the criteria above, who cuts the barber's hair.

  3. There is a condition – a certain percentage of people in the village do their own haircuts on their own, without the help of a hairdresser. So why can't our hero do it too? Conclusion – the village barber cuts his own hair.

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