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  1. Do what feels right.


    I used to try to logically make life plans and anticipate what I need to do next, but now I go with the flow more and do what feels right in the moment.

    So life becomes easier and more interesting.

  2. You can go to five. You can do it in two ways. You can do it in one.

    But why?

    For what purpose do you ask?

    How will you use this information?

    I didn't find any actual meaning in the question, so I'm giving an equally meaningless answer.

    What a question – such an answer, dear young man

  3. I want, I do, I can, I dream, I strive! Five words that almost completely reflect my current day and my goals. “Love” can also be placed in this list between dream and strive.

  4. Despondency. Pain. Fatigue. It's crazy. Loneliness.

    30 years old, always tired, fat.

    I really want to get some sleep and have sex.

    Girls do not give, zadolbali friendzonit.

    My rotten temper keeps me from living.

  5. 1) the snake�

    2) constantly�

    3) resets

    4) dead

    5) the skin.�

    Well, I personally feel that way. Something is constantly changing in me, one becomes irrelevant, and the other becomes valuable, but I will never stop being the one who has this skin on.

  6. I'm on maternity leave, I want a drink.

    Well, in order to type 140 characters, I will also write about the fact that being an adult is ho-ro-sho. You can do what you want, but you also need to do what you don't want,but these are small things.

  7. Programming, laziness, doom, panic, a sweater.

    The last three, by the way, are taken from the well-known XG comic book in narrow circles and are perfectly suitable for many situations.

  8. I fell, got up, dusted myself off, and went on.

    1. Fell – and who didn't fall? All once fell.�

    2. Got up-have the strength not to stay down.

    3. Dusted off – evaluated the cause of the fall.

    4, 5. I went further – you can never stop, you always need to move towards fulfilling your desires and achieving your goals.

  9. Happiness



    Harmful habits


    The most difficult thing in this question was to come up with a phrase in which you will have to use the remaining 80 characters to send the answer.

  10. Wife-beloved, Child-from God, work-interesting, Home-reliable, Friends-a lot, Happiness – there is.�

    It used to be different, but now it is, we are changing and the world around us is changing. We are kinder and the world is kinder, we are more honest and the world is more honest…. Everything is in our hands.

  11. I decide what and when.

    Only I am responsible for my life.

    I do what I want.

    I learn new things every day.

    I don't feel like an adult.

    And still a hundred and forty characters.

  12. “Why did I want to become an adult?!”
    In everyday life, this is the phrase “I can't talk at work”
    Top 5 used-work, day off, salary, vacation, rent.
    140 characters 140 characters

  13. alarm clock-wheelbarrow-work-wheelbarrow-sleep

    this is to be honest.

    if it's good: husband-wheelbarrow-travel – � � money – freedom

    (five words can't be more than 140 characters long)

  14. I really don't want to talk, please.

    Working on the phone makes itself felt very strongly and causes an aversion to communication in principle. I wonder if I'm the only one doing this.

  15. I did not ask for this (c)�


    You misunderstand me�

    And more:

    How to live with such an asshole?? (in moments of acute self-dislike)�

    And here's another one:

    Get away from me already�

    But it also happens that:

    I won't live by someone else's script (okay, cheater, too many words)�

    And the most frequent:

    Colleagues, hi. The report is attached.

  16. Fuck, pay the mortgage again soon

    Hey, bread was cheaper the day before yesterday!

    Christmas trees 6 is much better than von Trier

    Nothing, I'll have a beer at home alone

    We were born to make a fairy tale a pain

    Sorry, I have two jobs to do

    Oh, cat food for the promotion

  17. Study. Girls. Lack of money. Problems. Criticism

    These 140 characters are
    A kaleidoscope of lights.
    These 140 on the contrary —
    Brighter and warmer all the time.
    These 140's are
    Tea —colored, on the other hand.
    These 140 points on the contrary —
    What is it? What's it?

  18. Life doesn't make any sense.
    One day the creator of TQ comes to the bar , two beauties roll up to him:
    – ” hello, handsome. Don't you want a threesome?”
    – “140 characters”.

  19. 1 Was born, studied, can-DO NOT.

    2 I didn't teach economics according to Marx

    3 Nedoucheba, nedolyubov, nedozarabotok, dissatisfaction, unclaimed.

    4 No one owes anyone anything

    5 The world works like hell.

    6 All in good time, the time is gone

    7. Boredom, work, family, worries, doubts.

    8 I don't have time to live, I work hard to survive

    9 Porridge, bread, butter, tea, zest.

    10 Conservatory, tavern, pedagogism, boredom, wreath

  20. Children, spouse, fear for them.

    I'm 37 years old, and if you think I'm an adult, that's what I spend more than 50 percent of my thoughts and time doing. Moreover, “fear for them” is in a good sense, it motivates almost all my actions and actions, except, probably, my hobby.

    I didn't write “caring for them” because caring for me is still a derivative of “fear for them”. I apologize for the tautology.

  21. Doubts, ambitions, stagnation, study, reflection.

    Doubts about everything-personal relationships, future career, life in general.

    Ambition – there are abilities that need to be realized, but how to act specifically, where to start, how to continue?

    Stagnation is the product of doubts and misunderstandings with ambition.

    Master's degree program and thoughts about graduate school.

    Reflection – the inability to stop the internal dialogue, eternal introspection.

    • Sex (1),�

    • Fast food (2),�

    • When is the salary there? (3, type 4, 5)

    (if “Eat, Pray, Love” were filmed about my existence… well, there is no Oscar either, but MTV would have taken the award)

  22. Coffee svoboda deadline money p…c
    Coffee svoboda deadline money p…c
    Coffee svoboda deadline money p…c
    Coffee svoboda deadline money p…c
    Coffee svoboda deadline money p…c

  23. “Once the Sun is in the house of sorrow, it's a rock.” or ” All life is a struggle … for survival.”and even more precisely,” Here I will die…, but yes about this after….”))……

  24. Earn money to spend money

    It sounds mercantile, but most of what the average adult does is embedded here. Unfortunately, life without money is extremely rare.

  25. Keep flapping your wings, or you'll die! � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � .

  26. Sorry, I'll call you back, I'm in a meeting.�

    Please send the materials to your email address.

    Do you have a Facebook account? We'll write you off.

    I won't give you your phone number. Husband and son.

    I sleep better on Friday.

  27. Career�





    Well, to add 140 characters, I will say that this is not youthful maximalism, but a banal lack of routine.

  28. Adults, can you describe your life in five words? Do what you love and succeed 🙂

    all. in five words, it is enough: you should only do what you like. This will bring both pleasure and money, and pokatushki around the world, and everything else. (this is an addendum for the length of the response according to the rules)

  29. Finally, you don't have to write tests!

    Finally, you don't have to take exams!

    These are probably the two most popular descriptions I have. Well, there's also “How to live to the next salary” and something like that.

  30. It's hard to describe life in five words…


    You can use three words: “I was born, I live, I will die.”..


    Don't openly describe yourself.


    People have a right to know you.

    1. Ability to 2. appreciate 3. every 4. minute 5. life

    I don't think, and I even know, that this is not about all adults. But if everyone came to this “zen”, life on the whole planet would change. Which way… question.

  31. Boredom, duty, it is necessary, it is necessary, bear with it.

    Please provide a detailed answer to make it interesting to read. The answer must not be less than 140 characters long.

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