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  1. In any case, his freedom will be limited by the ideas of freedom that exist in this society. In this sense, freedom is limited by language.

  2. Unlimited freedom is an abstinence for us. Same as independence. Everything is interdependent. Freedom – everyone understands it in their own way. For whom it is impunity, for whom do not care, for whom is a hermit… There is a real person who is approaching unlimited freedom. However, it temporarily isolated itself.

  3. A person's freedom ends where the freedom of other people begins. So there can be no unlimited freedom. And if he does not understand this, then he will be consistently overtaken by codes: first moral, then civil, administrative and criminal.

  4. No, it can't. For the simple reason that unlimited freedom does not exist. Let me explain: freedom is the ability to make choices regardless of circumstances. A real person is always limited by some circumstances. For example, the laws of nature (you can't jump from a skyscraper without crashing), legal laws (if you commit a crime ,you'll go to jail), material opportunities (if you don't have money, you'll starve to death), and many other things. A person enjoys freedom strictly within the limits of these restrictions and in no other way.

  5. Man is already free. So far, no one has claimed human freedom. On property yes, on money yes, they constantly want to release people from them, because they are very burdensome. I wanted a free society, so it's free. Make no mistake, people have two degrees of freedom, spiritual and physical. As long as you are free for at least one reason, you are a free person. Another thing is that they don't tell you this, and you don't have the strength to understand it yourself. Gain knowledge. Knowledge is power. You will gain knowledge of law and become a law enforcement slave. Knowledge of economics will certainly make you a slave to the financial system. There is knowledge in this world that does not make you a slave, but makes you enlightened. Knowledge about Santa Claus, about God, about the truth, etc…

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