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  1. This is not a manifestation of freedom, but of permissiveness. Permissiveness – from alleged omniscience. Is there freedom after death? Also, some enlightened heads assure that there is. Is this freedom of choice, when you take some extreme step, from which you can no longer return? Freedom lies in the fact that you are free to change your mind, to turn not another interesting path. Freedom is an opportunity to carry your life to the end, because this is all we really have. Freedom is to make the most of the chance that this life has given us, a unique event, and our awareness. And yet, freedom – not to go to anyone and nothing about it.

    Suicide is an act for evil, for the evil of God, for the evil of parents, for the evil of oppressors, this is not freedom. This is an act of dependence, of self-importance. “I'm like this – I can!”

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