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  1. The question relates to philosophy, and can only be considered in a specific cultural context. From the point of view of physics, all substances can be transformed into each other in different ways. But good and evil are no longer objects, they are a subjective attitude to something. The cannibal natives believed they were doing good, and from our vantage point, their behavior was appalling. Closer to our world, – Breivik is in prison for shooting almost a hundred unarmed teenagers. His conclusion ,” is it good for society?” And for him, is it evil? And the evil itself – where does it come from, isn't it from the good? Isn't the road to hell paved with good intentions? Is it evil to kill another person? What if this is a cancer patient in the terminal stage of the disease, and thus begging for relief from his suffering? The world is much more complex than the good-evil dichotomy, and many of our actions simultaneously contain both elements of good and evil…

  2. of course, it seems that for every evil there is a proportionate good, but here you need to be careful, because it works in the opposite direction. by correcting such ‘errors’, you run the risk of making things worse and triggering a mechanism where you will always have something to fix

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