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  1. Such philosophizing is a slippery slope, but I'm trying to step on it.

    I think that it is needed because it is used in the process of life. We can say that we are all immortal until we die, and we need the time category. Let's conduct a thought experiment – imagine that today we suddenly turned into real immortals. Are we going to give it up? Of course not-simply because even in such an improbable situation, our thinking will not fundamentally change. Not for the foreseeable future, anyway.

    If we are talking about a certain hypothetical being who has already lived for eternity and will live for the same amount of time, then we are fundamentally unable to imagine his thinking and understand whether it operates with the category “time”, and in general with the category”category”. It can be assumed that if it is aware of any processes (that is, its thinking is at least partially similar to ours), then it needs a category of time in one form or another, since processes take place in time and it is impossible to be aware of them without this category. But this is all, I repeat, an attempt to project human thinking on a known non-human.

  2. Let me suggest another category of immortality that can be discussed in this question. Not about simple immortality, when a person does not stop his physical existence, but about the immortality of potential possibilities.

    Every time you make a choice, you are, figuratively speaking, killing the version of yourself that made a different choice. You kill yourself as a rock musician by choosing a career, you get rid of one of your families by choosing another, even by choosing ice cream you chop down the branches of your tree of life. Why, just by doing nothing, you're killing the person you were ten minutes ago. He can write you a letter, but he can't get an answer to it, he's as good as dead to you.

    So if we imagine a person who is able to be aware of all the moments, all the branches of his life at the same time, then yes, he will not need the concept of time, because the cause for him will be simultaneous with an infinite number of effects.

  3. In my opinion, it is necessary if we are talking about an immortal person. In any case, he leads a social lifestyle, is among people.

    And if we mean some higher being, then it may not be necessary.

  4. What is time? Time is perceived by us only because we see changes in matter. To somehow fix this, we put some points-divisions, based on certain constant cycles (day-night, “birth-death” of the moon, etc.Each change occurs a certain number of cycles, say a person lives 70 years-winters, a cat is 5 times less. Now the question is: why do we need time? It will take a very long time to answer it.

    To answer your question, you also need to know what you mean by immortality. Is only man immortal, or maybe all of humanity, or even all living things in the universe? And if it is immortal, then it is completely indestructible, or it cannot die of old age, but for example it can be killed or die of, for example, hunger or thirst? You understand that based on different assumptions and the answer will be one or another.

    But I will still try to say something specific. Let's say a person is immortal, but he must eat (only a person is immortal), then time is needed, you need to engage in agriculture, know when and what to plant, animal husbandry also requires knowledge of time.

    But if we assume that man is absolutely immortal. Here you can answer yourself, and whether you are ready, having made an appointment with your loved one in some place, to wait for him there for an eternity, looking for him somewhere in the distance…

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