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  1. This, of course, is just my humble imha, but no, it won't work.

    What has been growing and developing for thousands of years will not be broken in a couple of hundred years (if we take into account that the fem movements have been active since the middle of the last century). Of course, I am glad that now feminist movements are expanding and involving an increasing number of people, but along with this expansion, there are also reverse processes (a man should be a man, and a woman should be a woman with borscht, children and a painted face; trends towards gender polarization only emphasize the attitude towards a woman as an object). Here you don't even need to go out on the street, at least go on the Internet. Representatives of the latter are much more numerous, and they behave more aggressively.

    And what do you mean by “society”? European? Russian? Or poorly developed (sorry) countries with traditional (=patriarchal) values? After all, it will take much longer for the patriarchate to be scrapped there.


  2. Patriarchal thinking should be broken not in “society”, but in your own head. As soon as you yourself stop thinking in terms of “oppressors” and “victims” – all the “patriarchal thinking of society”, about a miracle, will dissolve. We live in the twenty-first century in a cultured and civilized country, where there is no” patriarchy ” for a long time. Unless, of course, you invent it yourself and believe in it.

  3. I recently learned that some of the richest families in Florence now have the same surnames as they did 600 years ago. How many ideological changes have taken place in the society during this time? – Mass. Where is the money and power left? – the same place where we were 600 years ago.

    Thus, patriarchal thinking can be broken, of course. You can generally break a lot of things and build a lot of things, but the fact is that these will be cosmetic changes, at the household level. If this is enough for you, then it is quite possible to work on it.

    However, if you need real equality, including the possession of money, as well as real power over the destinies of humanity, on a par with the men who rule now, then I hasten to disappoint you – it is unlikely that anything will change in the next 600 years.

  4. “Yes,” because technology is developing very quickly and very soon we will reach a level where there will be no special sense in separation. Everything strongly depends on whether the left-wing discourse of feminism will achieve something or not (the more it achieves, the worse it will be for society, since social progress will be greatly hindered); all these quotas, politically correct words, and so on create precedents for restricting freedom of speech, for separating more “oppressed” groups (in general, all sorts of blacks and Hispanics are already beginning to separate into separate movements), which will greatly complicate some progressive trends.

    The quotation marks are here because there is very little patriarchal in the current thinking (if we are not talking about progressive non-sexist Islam), this is just a division of roles, which, oddly enough, not very many people are eager to remove – and this is not about borscht and protection, all these behavioral strategies are much deeper. An important point is that it is impossible to predict what society will be like if there is no difference between the sexes – you don't need to throw convincing examples, they are all out of touch with life. There is not a single society where people are evaluated equally throughout their lives, plus thanks to the Internet and globalization, this is impossible by definition; also, many things are still difficult to implement before the invention of some cybertel (notorious fights, where without the stereotype that women can not be beaten, it will be difficult – because on average men are bigger and stronger – and again, fights were, are, and

    In short, as soon as there is a technological base for a qualitatively different way of life (perhaps virtual reality, or a highly augmented existing one), we will not change much. Objectification at the moment is driven by advertising, which generally does not care what is advertised there, even if it is excrement under ultraviolet light, as long as it is sold and what is fashionable – there is a very complex chain of influence of heterogeneous groups.

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