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  1. What are �fair boundaries? What do you mean by this phrase? If “fair” means recognized by countries on both sides of the dividing line, then almost all borders in the world are fair, with the exception of the borders of Western Sahara and a number of other entities of uncertain status.�

    Please explain your question. Otherwise, it is impossible to answer it.

  2. Israel now opposes a Palestinian state, on certain “territories”, arguing that Jews lived there for many centuries, but that was ” thousands of years ago. Ukraine says that Crimea is Ukrainian, Russia says that “Crimea” is historically a Russian land. And there are many more such examples.

    Was AG right when he wrote that

    Only “unprincipled and feeble-minded people can believe that certain state borders on our land are something forever” unshakable “and not subject to change. In fact, all boundaries are only времен temporary. �This is only a pause before a new struggle for the “remaking” of borders begins. Today, these boundaries seem unshakable, but tomorrow “they can “be changed”!?

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