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  1. Religion differs from science in the same way that Russian folk tales differ from a documentary about events recorded by hundreds of video cameras, drones from different positions and heights, with interviews of witnesses and direct participants of the event. At the same time, the viewer is always left with the right to evaluate, doubt and criticize this film.

  2. In the name of science, is someone blowing up people with the wrong quark color? Is someone killing the wrong deniers of the standard model? Have you seen a multiverse devotee burned at the stake or someone imprisoned for desecrating the feelings of witnesses to the planet Pluto? In my opinion, only this is enough to answer your question.

  3. There is really no fundamental difference, but in practice the scientific method is famous for making predictions with a certain degree of reliability, which can not boast of blyadoesoterika.

  4. the main differences are:

    1. Religion is based on beliefs that are obviously unverifiable. For example, God is postulated as unknowable, that is, under no circumstances does he affect or interact with anything, is not discovered or proved.

    And science on the contrary is based strictly on verifiable repeated experiments

    1. Religion is based only on personal beliefs, there are always professional workers and Authorities who “can only interpret”, and each Interpreter easily creates his own sect.

    Science, on the contrary, is strictly objective, all scientific results do not depend on the personality of the experimenter, the observer.

    By the way, this is where the “ambush” is for the humanities, they have no objective result, they are used by the same State power that supports religion, for the same purposes – educating teenagers in an obedient” socialized ” format for the state. For obolvanivaniya if in a simple way.

    1. Well, in the everyday sense, the difference is quite simple – religion is based on the desire to use fairy tales in the real world, and science (like atheism) is based on the desire to never use fairy tales in the real world ))

    At this point, Atheism and the Scientific method of knowledge are completely one and directly opposite to Theism, religion.

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