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  1. I don't really know, but I know how I see things. And I see it like this.

    There is no “beyond”. There are only a huge number of different “these lights”. And the soul moves freely through them in accordance with its karmic merits. Both hell and heaven are here, now. Even on our planet, you can find those who exist in heavenly conditions, and those who endure all the torments of hell right now. And I'm not just talking about physical pain and pleasure. Hell and heaven are in our heads – this is our attitude to certain events. Trouble happens to everyone, but everyone takes it differently. Someone gives up, and slides into the abyss of hopeless melancholy with every minute torment, remorse, endlessly blaming everyone around, and thereby setting the universe against itself even more. Someone with a grin steps over any difficulties, problems, smiles at every “trouble”, and generally does not blow in the mustache. These people are easy and happy. They are not affected by all these little things related to physiological discomfort, and they are holistic enough to remain invulnerable to psychological discomfort. They live quite well in paradise conditions.

    And there are also, according to famous Buddhist masters, other worlds of different densities. So that the first was where to go deeper, and the second where to be more happy. But all this is not green forever, and the motion vector can be changed at any time-both first and second.

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