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  1. Hello,

    It all depends on you, if you smoke you can quit smoking in the army.

    If you want to exercise, this is quite an achievable goal with a routine, balanced diet. You can quickly get yourself in good physical shape.

    There are also a lot of books in libraries, you can start reading different literary genres and learn a lot of new things from books.

    In summary, you can spend time in the army with benefit for yourself.

  2. You won't make it in a year. So, you will be preserved for this time.

    Rather, the task after the army as soon as possible to return to normal life activity of a free independent person. This –

  3. read books. Lots of books. For example, I read half the library in one section in a year (I read everything in a row – science fiction, detective stories, classics). Later, when I was transferred to another unit, I was standing in my clothes and reading from my phone. At least the time passed quickly in the outfit. Again, everything will depend on the part where you got, on the people who surround you. It so happened that the army introduced me to three parts in a year, where one way or another, people quite adequately perceived that in my free time, I sit reading, and do not swing with the majority in a rocking chair.

  4. It depends on the inner qualities of the person himself and on the degree of influence of others.�

    PS. “You get used to a special language. You start to “fumble” and “sniff”, try not to”slow down”. Do not “fly in” and do not “get into the prick”. You know what “trenchik” and “chipok” are.You get used to the fact that a person's name is, say, not Sergey Ivanovich, but “comrade captain”. And when he gets a major, you get confused for a while and call him captain in the old way. And it seems to you that the person took and changed his name.

    I found that I had forgotten the name of the main person in the department at the university. I spent half a day remembering. Well, it can't be that the “head of the department”: So it is not far from calling the dean “commander of the faculty”.

    From constant communication with Ukrainians, I notice that I began to “shock”. “Sho? And tse sho? And win toby sho kazav? ” – is heard all day around and begins to penetrate you, whether you want it or not.

    The mat is generally eaten into the speech tightly, and I'm a little worried about how I will communicate with people in civilian life.

    There are masters of the genre, but mostly-dirty meaningless swearing. I hear some words for the first time. From the updated collection: “pizdoproebina”, “triebuchy blyadohuy”, “promandoblyad”, “hueputalo”, for some reason also necessarily “sinful”.

    The army language has a huge number of abbreviations of various types. UGC, CPR, fuel and lubricants, PCBs, BPP … Nachpo, pomdezh, nachhim, orgzanyaty…

    ..I don't believe myself. I'll be a civilian in a year. To uni again. They won't take me back. I won't be able to communicate any other way. As I tell the dean — ” I don't understand. where the fuck is my enrollment order? Minute of time-I smoke, I wonder — I'm enrolled again! Time's up, my dear!”

    Vadim Chekunov “Kirza”

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