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  1. Russia would now include (in addition to Finland and Poland squandered by the Communists, as well as the republics lost with the collapse of the USSR): Dzungaria, Manchuria, Mongolia and some other territories and states. Well, there would not be many national republics, there would be provinces: Kazan, Ufa, Minsk, Ulaanbaatar, and so on. And there would be 300 million Russians now. Fantasy…))

  2. .First of all, it is quite difficult to imagine that the monarchy in that autocratic form would have been preserved, although if Nicholas had made concessions in 1905(which I consider the biggest missed opportunity in our history) further, the project of a constitutional, parliamentary monarchy would have taken root very successfully and would have given unprecedented results. The problems of the revolution itself really lay in the ruler himself, and it is a pity that such a chance was missed.

    Nevertheless, if we managed to avoid all those shocks, then Russia would certainly be a completely different country.

    1. Economy. We all know about the golden year of 1913 and the fact that with those growth rates, the Russian Empire would have taken the first place in the economically developed countries of the world within 20-30 years. And as some economists say, it could very well be the third power on the world stage (the United States, Germany/Britain and Russia, France was already losing momentum).

    2. Culture. Do you like British movies? Do you like American movies? Music? Then I would like the Russian one, because there would be no cultural catastrophe caused by the creation of the communist government and its active intervention in the sphere of culture. By the way, good films were really starting to be made in Russia, and some of the world's studios(Gaumont, Pathe for example) had full-fledged branches here.

    3. DV. Since I'm from the Far East, I can't help but note that the changes that were beginning to come to life here. Well, this is the migration policy and the policy of open borders (in the cities there were Chinese, Korean, Japanese quarters). The inevitable annexation of the territory of Manchuria to the Russian Empire. even if there was a second Russo-Japanese war, it would definitely develop in favor of Russia. Infrastructure projects in the Far East. In general, the situation with this God-forsaken territory is completely different.

    4. Political structure. The most offensive part, because even then the ideas of democracy were much more developed in society. In fact, the coming of Russia to a monarchy limited by parliament was inevitable, and under this form of government, moderate socialists and liberal conservatives would have been more likely to come to power, of course, there would have been representation on the national outskirts of the empire. A federation project would be quite likely.

    5. The science. It is difficult to find a period in Russian history when the smell of innovation and progress was so abundant and ubiquitous in the air as at the beginning of the XX century. It is difficult to imagine what Russia would be like now, without mass emigration and the red terror over representatives of the scientific intelligentsia. Actually, it's a shame for the education system, which would now absorb all the best from the West while maintaining some originality.

    You can talk a lot about the Russia that we lost, but I can't hold back the tears anymore, so I'll go cry into my pillow, and you stay here. All the best to you.

  3. I was just answering a terribly incomprehensible assumption. I repeat: “The lord's servitude, the division into white and black bone, would have been preserved. At this rate, neither health care nor universal education would have appeared. Accordingly, the Russians would continue to die like flies, and women in the dark give birth. If there were no industrialization, there would be no cadres for it. And the land would be given away for foreign investment. RI would be bought on the vine by those who invested in the autocrat. There would be no change in the world. Capitalism would be left with a beastly grin.”

  4. It would be possible to build any number of guesses and put forward an insane number of assumptions, starting with the fact that the Romanovs would still rule Russia, and ending with the fact that Russia, along with other countries on Earth, would enter into an alliance with the planet Nibiru, but in reality, such studies are a waste of time, since the course of history is influenced by countless factors,

  5. I will not call myself an expert in this area, but just speculate.
    I don't quite understand, do you mean that there would have been no Lenin and Co. in principle, or would there have been only the February (and as a consequence the October) revolution? Or was there no revolution of 1905 yet?
    If the latter, then I personally believe that the revolution would have happened anyway. Events after 1905 only escalated, despite all the efforts of the authorities. At the time of the First World War (and it was at this time that the last two revolutions took place), the people were driven to the point that they would follow anyone who convincingly promises “golden mountains” (of course, not them. But food, a way out of the war, freedom of labor – and what else do the majority of peasants and workers need?). Whatever Lenin was, the Romanovs lost fairly. We can treat the Bolsheviks as we like, or the monarchists as we like, but this is a fact. (I am not talking about the execution of the royal family, but about the abdication of the throne. The people did not follow the king, which means that they lost)
    But good. Let's say that Nicholas II retained power. But that's for now. If Alexandra did not give birth to another son , who would rule later? Alexy was seriously ill. It is unlikely that he would have lived to reign. And by decree of Paul I, it was forbidden to give power to women. Another dynasty would have come to power. And then… It's hard to guess.
    Another option. The dynasty would have continued. But then it is difficult to say how the affairs of the Russian Empire would have developed during World War II. There are several options here. If they had suffered heavy losses but won, revolutionary movements could have emerged on this wave, or vice versa, the authorities could have tightened their grip.
    If there were more modest losses than the USSR, the dynasty would most likely have remained. But here's the thing.
    Progress. Looking at the example of other powers, especially Great Britain, I think that sooner or later the RI would have come to a constitutional monarchy. In fact, the parliament would be in power, the monarch would no longer have full power, as a result – about the same as in the UK now.
    HOW exactly we would live is difficult to say. This depends on many factors, some of which I mentioned above.
    Most likely, Russia would not have had a socialist past (if it had not been for Lenin and Co., or in the event of their irrevocable failure, with the subsequent execution of comrades).
    At best, it is a developed capitalist power with stable economic and political ties with both the West and the East (we are Eurasia for a reason). The war in Afghanistan and the Chechen wars would not have happened (exactly at the wrong time).
    At worst , it's about the same as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. In the end, we would still have come to the revolution (not the fact that it was a socialist one, even more – most likely not to it)
    A neutral option is the standard of living plus or minus as it is now, only at the head is the monarch, but with limited power in parliament. A la the United Kingdom with a lower standard of living.
    This is all very approximate. There are many different options, because there could be many circumstances that could turn the story in a different direction. The most obvious ones are World War II, then the quarrel of our neighbors – the Korean War, the War in Vietnam (although, without the formation of the USSR, I am almost sure it would not have happened). A lot of things can be affected by wars. And what events can happen in the state itself-pickets, uprisings, putschs, and so on…

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