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  1. Animals fight, animals commit genocides, animals pollute the planet.

    Between the anthills, wars are waged with the capture of prisoners who become slaves to the winners. A lion, if it captures another lion's pride, will kill all the cubs. Our planet, once devoid of oxygen and perfectly alive without it, was completely poisoned by oxygen-producing life forms. It's just that animals do everything more slowly-including adapting to the changes they make in nature. And we change quickly and adapt quickly.

    Animals are perfectly extinct without human help, as there are many thousands of examples. If the circumstances are such that the wolves breed well and eat all the available food, nothing will stop them from eating the last rabbit and starving to death.

    Our mind allows us to see that we are wrong and correct mistakes, while the animal is doomed to be a victim of feedbacks in nature. I was lucky in mind that I managed to adjust the state of the ecosystem with feedback – everything is fine. No luck – they all died out. Thanks to our intelligence, we stop being hostages of luck, we decide our own fate and it depends on our decisions whether we survive or not. Animals don't have that luxury.

    Actually, this can be called one of the main vectors of evolution – it goes in the direction of reducing the role of randomness in the survival of the species. And by following this path, by defeating blind luck, we will inherit our own earthly kingdom and eternal life – not for man, but for humanity.

  2. No, not from the mind. It is only up to the mind to be aware of these problems, and it is up to it to be able to solve or avoid them.

    In general, intelligence permeates everything, but only with the course of biological evolution do more intelligent individual beings appear, and at first this is just one of the ways to gain a competitive advantage over other species due to more complex behavior. Animals can also harm themselves and others with their unintelligent activities, and the only thing that saves the biosphere is that it is generally arranged intelligently. One species can exterminate another species, it can exterminate or otherwise exterminate another population of its own species – as genocide. But this is rarely the case simply because the instincts developed over millions of years protect against obviously suicidal steps.

    A person, having received a reflexive mind of a qualitatively new type, has largely freed himself from instinct and now the mind has to restrain itself – in this sense, the problems have become more because of the mind, but only in exactly the same sense as any new technique requires new skills to use it, and can often be dangerous in itself. But we will not say that “all danger is from technology”: technology can be a source of danger itself, and it also protects against other dangers in a huge variety.

    So, first of all, intelligence simply made a person very dangerous in itself – and whether a person can cope with himself in this sense is a question, but again it can only be solved by reason. Secondly, this question arises within the mind about its relation to itself – but the very essence of a person is contained in the mind, so he can not try to get rid of problems by destroying himself as their source? Suicides think that way, but it's not reasonable)

    Thus, all problems are more likely due to a lack of intelligence.

  3. Why is that?

    Herbivores eat plants, carnivores kill animals. Continuously.

    Moreover, those who, if possible, eat all the food in their habitat, and then wander to a new place, or die of starvation if the population is isolated. This is a normal interspecies genocide. It's just that natural selection causes starvation in species that have been living together for a long time before they destroy the entire food supply. Therefore, the system is aligned through population waves. But once you bring a distant view to the ecosystem, it can easily destroy it.

    In addition, animals can severely maim or kill each other as a result of intraspecific competition for food, territory, or a female (rarely a male).

    All this is not like peace, but a continuous war of all against all.

    Primates like chimpanzees already know the concept of war, and by forming large groups, they can organize attacks on other chimpanzees in order to kill them, eat them,and free up their habitat. This is also genocide. Intraspecific.

    And as for the pollution of the planet, I see some slyness here. If anything, the largest catastrophe in the history of the Earth, which led to the extinction of almost all life and the icing of almost the entire surface of the planet for thousands of years, was arranged by cyanobacteria.

    But of course, this is not considered pollution, because they did not build factories. Isn't that right?; -)

    This means that the third point on environmental pollution is either incorrect, or by definition applies only to people.

    So, we have seen that the question contains false premises, which means that the question itself does not make sense in this context.

    And out of context, my answer to the question is: no. For example, humans are mortal. This is a problem, but it is not from the mind.

  4. One should not overly spiritualize a person and be proud of his intelligence. Parasites have long been known to control the behavior of their hosts. See for example https://www.publy.ru/post/3021 12 amazing parasites that can control the behavior of their hosts.

    Opistoconts, especially viviparous ones, which also include humans, have the amazing feature of being hosts of parasites with a very close genome – this is the placenta with the fetus.

    Humans, on the other hand, have evolved to become the host of a parasite with exactly the same genome, which completely controls the host's behavior.

    This is the brain – a disgusting-looking piece of fat that consumes a quarter of the resources extracted by the host's sweat and blood.

    Hence all the world's evil.

  5. No! Reason provided humanity with biological advantages in the initial stages of human development in the pursuit of absolute domination over other species of living beings and nature. At the same time, man was and remains only one of the elements of the earth's nature, and all those mechanisms that apply to terrestrial living organisms, of course, apply to man. The behavior of all terrestrial organisms is determined by genetic programs at the level of primary instincts and deviations from them are impossible. Conscious thinking occupies only a small place in the existence of a person, it is itself controlled by mental processes that occur unconsciously and therefore is inaccessible to control. As a rule, a person does not realize the innate motivation of his behavior. In nature itself, there is no concept of “worse and better”, “good and evil”. There are concepts: “differently”, “differently”. In reality, there is only the principle of expediency and an adequate response of the body to external influences. What we define as wars and genocide are inherently aggressive acts and elements of intraspecific warfare using reason, not because of reason. Whether people are reasonable, if they use any knowledge for aggressive purposes, if war and violence against their neighbors throughout the history of mankind spend incomparably more money than on general welfare. The problems of humanity, apparently, do not depend on the presence of reason in people, but in the peculiarities of its use.

  6. No! Reason provided humanity with biological advantages in the initial stages of human development in the pursuit of absolute domination over other species of living beings and nature. At the same time, man was and remains only one of the elements of the earth's nature, and all those mechanisms that apply to terrestrial living organisms, of course, apply to man. The behavior of all terrestrial organisms is determined by genetic programs at the level of primary instincts and deviations from them are impossible. Conscious thinking occupies only a small place in the existence of a person, it is itself controlled by mental processes that occur unconsciously and therefore are inaccessible to control. As a rule, a person does not realize the innate motivation of his behavior. In nature itself, there is no concept of “worse and better”, “good and evil”. There are concepts: “differently”, “differently”. In reality, there is only the principle of expediency and an adequate response of the body to external influences. What we define as wars and genocide are by their very nature manifestations of aggressiveness and elements of intraspecific struggle using reason, not because of reason. Whether people are reasonable, if they use any knowledge for aggressive purposes, if war and violence against their neighbors throughout the history of mankind spend incomparably more money than on general welfare. The problems of humanity, apparently, do not depend on the presence of reason in people, but in the peculiarities of its use.

  7. In fact, competition exists across all species and within all species. Just people with the help of reason were able to bring all this to an unprecedented level. On the other hand, thanks to advanced intelligence, we can realize that natural resources are not unlimited, and if we continue to exploit nature on the same scale, we will eventually destroy it, and then we will die out. If this fact is realized by at least half of the world's population , the world will be saved.

  8. The problems of humanity are mainly due to the activities of humanity, this is indisputable. But a person is the only living being that forms, or builds, the environment in which he reigns. Animals simply adapt to the living conditions or do not adapt. It doesn't even occur to the animal to think about whether it is destroying something or not. Herbivores simply die after eating the grass. Predators killing the last victim also die and there is no grief or regret. It is a mistake to believe that a person is a direct problem of problems for the world and animals. More precisely, not the biggest. The classic “big five” extinctions identified by Sepkoski and Raup are as follows: 445-443 million years ago, the Ordovician-Silurian extinction is approximately 25-35% of all species. 372 million years ago Devonian extinction of 19% of families and 50% of genera. 253-251 million years ago, the” great ” and terrible Permian extinction of 57% of all families and 83% of all genera. 95% of all marine species and more than 70% of terrestrial vertebrate species. Then there were 208-200 million years ago Triassic, Cretaceous Paleogene and 15 smaller extinctions. The main thing in this is what? And the fact that all these events took place even before the appearance of man. Actually, man himself is a part of the animal world and our clock is still ticking but.. We are the only ones who can change or stop it, because a person has a mind.

  9. Animals don't fight wars, commit genocides, or pollute the planet? This is a very naive, kindergarten-like view of wildlife. Any territorial animals arrange quite a human war on the borders. And how many environmental crises there were on Earth before the appearance of man! The very first known ecological crisis occurred 2.5 billion years ago. Photosynthetic bacteria released so much oxygen into the atmosphere that almost all anaerobic organisms on Earth quickly died. But thanks to this, aerobic organisms emerged, including humans. Any ecological crisis is not only death for some organisms, but also a window of opportunity for others.

  10. Animals easily destroy other animals en masse. I don't know if you can call it “war” or “genocide”: this implies goal-setting. But at the level of actions, it's all the same: mass murder. Pollution of the planet is generally the main result of animal life.

    Of course, unlike humans, animals are not able to understand all this.

  11. All the problems of humanity, rather from the lack of reason and innate sense of global po** * * ma, and where it is not necessary. In fact, almost everyone understands what can be done and what can not be done, but they don't do it…

  12. it's not the mind's fault! Parasitism and connivance to it! In animals, parasites are expelled, bitten out, but intraspecific parasitism is not known! In humans, it is massive and is also encouraged by society! The state is the biggest parasite!

  13. The problems of humanity do not depend on the presence of “reason”, but on the imperfection of “reason”. Our contemporaries were lucky enough to find themselves on Earth at the most crucial moment of its life: the transition from the first stage of the development of reason-reason (able to see a part of the “whole-being”) to the second stage – “reason” (the ability of a person to realize an objective picture of being).

  14. The MIND can be benign and malignant – these are sharply different (opposite) qualities of the mind. Some animals are much more intelligent than some people.

    The Genius of Good and the Genius of Evil are polar concepts.

    Bottom line – the problem is not in the mind, but in its quality and orientation.

  15. Once, on the M7 highway in Russia, for some reason, the toilet was closed at a fuel station. There was nowhere to go, there were bushes nearby. Everyone started going there. Ecology has been ruined by paperwork. The question is: why was the toilet closed? Most likely, the reason is savings on cleaners. Who has a mind?

  16. You don't know animals very well – look at the ants, they are very much at war, massively anthill to anthill. This is not a common occurrence – but only because the animals lack the collectivism to turn a fight into a war.

    But no species is interested in its own extermination, and there are mechanisms that resist this. We also have them, but there is also a mind that can bypass these mechanisms.

    And yes-they are very polluting. Oxygen in our atmosphere is a product of ancient bacteria that, in fact, created global oxygen pollution – and this is called the “oxygen catastrophe”, because its appearance in such quantities led to the mass extinction of anaerobic species that are not able to live in an oxygen atmosphere.

    Sheep eat and trample everything to the state of a desert, beavers turn rivers into swamps.

    Just because we have intelligence, awareness, allows us to find a way to do all this on a much larger scale, and otherwise there is less difference between us and other animals than is commonly thought.

  17. I agree, P. H. the world mind is an invention. People cannot agree even in the same audience, representing different forces and, especially, countries. The world is on the verge of war…

  18. Absolutely not. The main problems are caused by the fact that 95% of the population does not use reason properly. Well, and also from the fact that of the remaining 5%, almost all use reason to compensate for children's complexes.

  19. Animals also conquer territories for survival, killing not only the enemy, but also his cubs. Even specifically looking to kill. And they leave only females for their breeding.

    Animals also lead to the destruction of many plant species by endlessly eating them.

    People, like animals, also fight for territories and kill opponents and their children to leave only their offspring.

    If there are wars, then humanity is under the rule of one male, who, by virtue of human intelligence, can organize temporary truces and unite to destroy his opponents and take over his resources and women for their best reproduction. People are now being driven like a herd, go work until you are exhausted and pretend that you are prestigious and happy, then you will live longer than ordinary cattle.

    Pity is not in the animal world, where you eat to survive.

    At the animal level of survival, humanity will not solve the problem of universal survival.

    It is necessary to set goals for the UNIVERSAL SURVIVAL OF HUMANITY WITH EQUAL MATERIAL OPPORTUNITIES, regardless of the availability of certain resources.

    Technically, as Jacques Fresco said, humanity will be able to live together much more comfortably than the most powerful rich man. 10 years and humanity will emerge from poverty and ruin.

    As soon as people unite on the Basis of Universal Equal Material Prosperity and social protection of families and children, then another generation of people will be born and grow up who do not want violence in the name of individual use.

  20. There are two kinds of INTELLIGENCE –

    1) healthy benign positive creative


    2) unhealthy malignant negative destructive.

    Reasons for abundance 2) and scarcity 1) – the dominance of very bad rules of the game in life in all countries and times.

    All these reasons can be easily eliminated.

    Conclusion – all the troubles are caused by a very low moral culture.

  21. The problems of humanity are precisely in the presence of reason. Forbidden fruit from the paradise tree of knowledge, this is the highest level of human consciousness, compared to animals. Knowledge of good and evil. Which implies the struggle of these forces in human souls. And everyone is given the right to choose by virtue of moral, ethical, spiritual and physical education. However, the crisis of major world religions and the lack of national concepts of spiritual development have given rise to the current accumulative-consumer system of values. It is based on unlimited private property and the money-power-money formula. And it's time for a person to think about what is good, what is evil, what is sin.

  22. Even as they fight – chimpanzees, for example, even have patrols that break the muzzles of enemy chimpanzees when trespassing, or remember cats on the street, or what the pride leader will do if he suddenly notices a lone lion nearby. Genocides also apply to lions, if a lone lion wins, it will kill all the young males in the pride, including all kittens, without delay or hesitation.

    Pollution of the planet… Well, as Carlin joked – the planet is fine, this is just a paragraph, and the planet will perfectly integrate plastic into its new paradigm.

    The problems of humanity arise from a lack of intelligence and knowledge, from the incompetence of people making decisions, from their selfishness and ambition, as well as from the irresponsible attitude of people to themselves, their relatives, their Homeland, both large and small, and in general to the environment.

  23. The planet Earth differs from all other known planets in that the radiation energy of the Star hitting the surface is only partially reflected back into space. This energy is accumulated on the planet in the form of hydrocarbons for the last few million years. All living organisms take part in the process of processing and storing energy. Except For The Person. From the very first minutes of their appearance, a person spends this free energy for their own needs. The further the more. And what will happen in five hundred years? There will be anything, only the planetary battery will be completely discharged. Forever.�

  24. Leave the animals alone, live as they can. This is not about them. It's about suicidal humanity.

    If you rephrase the question, it will be something like this:

    Does humanity want to self-destruct from a big mind or from a big stupidity?

  25. All the problems of the world are caused by a LACK of intelligence in the vast majority of bipedal homosapiens .

    You overestimate people. 80% is biomass without consciousness as such, driven only by instincts.

    Capture as much as possible (females, gold, territories, slaves, mammoths.. ships..)

    It is thanks to those few intelligent people that we are still alive.

    Only thanks to Intelligent people who sit in their workshops, inventing engines that run on water or something else that do not pollute the planet, and so on.. These people don't fight. Because their minds are more valuable. They sit around working their brains out for the future of this civilization.

    So if you want to reduce problems from people, you should reduce the number of people themselves (bio-shells without self-awareness).

    So far, all in vain, because they breed like rabbits, following their main instinct-reproduction. (And no halera. no atomic bomb takes them.. Where a thousand will die,another million will breed).

  26. Of course not! Reason is given to all. But everyone's mind is different, just like everything else is different. So there are fools, villains, and quitters. The world has everything! And people are all different, too.

    Environmental problems also arose as a result of the activity of a reasonable person. But this is not accidental, like everything else in the world. Everything has its own meaning, its own purpose. One is creation, perfection, the other is destruction, lessons. He who has not known evil will not appreciate the good.

  27. No, I don't agree. Modern people living on the planet Earth have an infant mind. Only a small part of people develop all their life until they fully mature into a perfect person and pass into eternal life, in which life, reason, and people are all perfect. Throw your trash in a container instead of dropping garbage bags nearby and you'll make one seven-mile leap to perfection. Children under 4 years of age have 2/3 of the intelligence, and adults consider them to be small incompetents. This is the problem of humanity. And animals fight for territory, commit genocide against their own kind, and pollute the planet-when there are so many of them – like rabbits in Australia and there are no natural enemies.

  28. All animals fight both within the species and between species for territories, food, females, and so on, and in this man is absolutely no different from them. And the mind has nothing to do with it. Problems arise only for those who are too “intelligent” in the form of a situation: “if you don't want to prepare for war, then war will come to you by itself.”

  29. Just watch a video of a pack of hyenas eating an antelope alive, or a lion eating the meat of a still-alive, screaming boar with an appetite, to make sure that the animals are not much better than warring people. Alas, the world is cruel, and reason is not the cause of this cruelty.

  30. The only difference between a human and an animal is that an animal adapts to its environment, while a human adapts the environment to suit itself. This happened from the first minutes of human life, when the Fire was subdued and there is no turning back.�

  31. Humans are no different from other multicellular organisms. Unless only quantitatively. Therefore, the question posed does not look correct.

    Sorry, this is my estimated opinion.

  32. Rather, from the wrong application of the mind! It is asceticism that offers a person exactly the system of all movements that will bring the mind to a fairly acceptable state!

  33. The problems of humanity arise from itself and from other factors (for example, climate). The presence of reason does not always imply problems, there are positive qualities in the mind (for example, environmental protection).

  34. animals don't fight

    It's clear that animals don't fight the way humans do, but they can fight the way humans did before. The problem is that wild animals tend to live far away from humans. Conflicts between animals are not visible. But there is one documented case that shows that waging war is a thing that is also accessible to animals.

    Chimpanzee War in Gombe Stream National Park

    The bloody war of chimpanzees in Africa: what was the reason?

  35. <p>The first statement is incorrect. Humans differ from animals not in the presence of reason (the existence of which, by the way, no one has proved), but in greater socialization compared to other animals.<br/>The ability of a person to create large organized communities (and not a mythical mind), just allow a person to achieve what is commonly called civilization. <br/>Otherwise, humans are subject to the same laws of nature as other animals. Including the laws of survival, the basis of which is the struggle, including intraspecific. Taking into account the fact that man is a superorganized animal, it (struggle) takes on, for example, the nature of world wars, genocide, etc.

  36. No. All the problems are caused by his absence. Humanity is no different from those organisms that have left nothing behind but deposits of oil or chalk. Where is the mind here? Intelligence is the ability to overcome the instincts that make you fight, pollute the environment, kill, etc. We don't have much sense. Humans differ from animals in their insatiable greed. Combined with collectivism and the presence of individual geniuses in the team (on the inventions of which everyone else is parasitic), greed makes a person the most terrible creature on the planet and for the planet. Problems from greed and lack of intelligence.

  37. For 10,000 years, which are being observed by representatives of the present human race, there is no real evolution to speak of. In the last 40,000 years that the Cro-Magnon has lived in Europe, it has hardly changed.

  38. I would say that all the problems of humanity depend on the presence of the mind and the lack of a developed spirit. It's like giving a monkey a grenade – sooner or later it will be able to detonate it, but the monkey does not think about the consequences of the explosion. It is the same with a person – with a low development of spiritual qualities in a person – the development of mental and technological achievements is simply deadly, not only for the person himself, but also for the world around him. Therefore, spiritual development should be a priority – and this is the basis of human evolution, its survival and prosperity.

  39. The mind given to a person is a wonderful gift. This is the ability of the human brain to perceive information, process it, and draw conclusions. Reason is the ability to judge and conclude. A reasonable person thinks soberly and understands the difference between phenomena or views. Reason will keep us safe from all kinds of dangers.�

    The Bible explains why people often use their minds incorrectly. An imperfect person tends to think bad things. In the Bible, this tendency is called the “carnal mind” (Colossians 2:18). The ” physical “person, in contrast to the” spiritual ” one, tends to think about the material. His mind is driven by a force that is shaped by heredity, knowledge, and life experience. In a spiritual person, the mind is guided by God's Spirit, in the right direction.

  40. It's not that simple. “It's like the average room temperature. Everyone has different starting conditions, different educational environment and, accordingly, the level of culture and thinking. So, you refer to the mind as something a priori. I don't agree. The higher parts of the psyche need to be nurtured, eliminating the original ignorance. That's the answer. And the growth in this ” direction, as a social trend “is certainly there. Consequently, man is still only on the way from animal to Human. It remains to wish him not to break his fingers, squeezing out the eye.

  41. People think too highly of themselves,any animal protects its territory from strangers, and not only from its own kind.Ants, arrange real wars among themselves, and even make alliances.Any pride of lions will not tolerate any outsider on its territory,regardless of the species.You can list all kinds of animals, birds, fish, insects, and so on.Man is just one of the representatives of the inhabitants of the Earth, who inherited the instincts of their great-great-grandparents.

  42. here is one quote that I often use on thequestion and which I really like, it explains a lot and shows different and opposite face in the comparative analysis in animals and people – �without any response will be extreme and misleading, including your version of the answer to your question: well, how the mind can be the culprit unreasonable actions? Man's problem is not reason, but insanity. But more on that below. So, the quote is:

    From the side of the body and animal soul, a person is the worst of all living things. But from the point of view of the spirit and the supreme soul (neshama), he is the greatest of all creatures.
    jewish wisdom

    Here it is said that a person is much higher in potential than animals and much lower-it depends on what dominants he is controlled by: if it is lust of the flesh( greed, insatiability, selfishness, aggression, unrestrained, immoderation, in general, the abyss), then this is worse than that of many animals, if it is a pure spirit and a high soul, then it is much higher.

    As for the mind…You see, the concept of reason is not limited to the presence of brains, the ability to speak, perform certain operations in the mind, etc. Signs of the reasonableness of society should be manifested in the growth of its prosperity, freedom, order, justice, honesty, decency, etc. And what do we actually see? Slavery at all levels from ideological to moral (drunkenness, drugs, sexual perversions and deviations, obsession, suicide, idolatry, killing children (abortions), wars ( World War I, World War II, World War III, that is, Cold War, constant local conflicts), improvement of weapons of mass Destruction, alienation, division of society into very rich and stale and poor, and even practically beggars, ideological division leading to hatred and hostility of peoples, races, cultures, the growth of morbidity in society, both mental and physiological, and much more.

    “Those who advance in the sciences, but lag behind in morals, are more backward than forward. �Aristotle.

    It is immorality that is the destructive factor that nullifies all human aspirations for progress and the public good.
    It is morality that is the foundation without which nothing solid can be built. And what is morality in its essence if not the observance of eternal and universal norms, which are the commandments of the Creator ?
    Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not make idols or serve them; thou shalt love the Creator and thy neighbor as thyself.

    Next, I will quote statements from the Holy Scriptures that, unlike biologists, speak of a person who lives without God's guidance not as “Homo sapiens“, but as an unreasonable, stupid, and sometimes even insane person.

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who keep his commandments have a faithful
    understanding(Psalm 110:10).

    6 Therefore keep them and do them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations, who, when they hear of all these ordinances, will say, ” Only this great nation is a wise and prudent people.”
    (Deut 4: 6)

    28 And he said to the man, ” Behold, the fear of the LORD is true wisdom, and turning away from evil is understanding.”
    (Job 28: 28)

    19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the sight of God, as it is written, “He catches the wise in their wickedness”
    (1 Corinthians 3: 19).

    19 For it is written, ” I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and reject the understanding of the wise.”
    20 Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? where is the sovoprosnik of this age? Has God turned the wisdom of this world into madness?
    21 For when the world by its wisdom did not know God in the wisdom of God, it pleased God by the foolishness of his preaching to save those who believe.
    (1 Corinthians 1: 19-21)

    13 He deceives the wise by their own guile, and the counsel of the cunning becomes vain:
    (Job 5: 13)

    21 But how, when they knew God, they did not glorify him as God, and did not
    give thanks, but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened.
    (Rom. 1: 21,22)

    30 There is no wisdom, and there is no understanding, and there is no counsel contrary to the Lord.

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